Hamburglar! Hamburglar! Hamburglar!

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to check our stats page to find the most visited posts on our site.  We should then analyze why we thought they were popular.

According to the stats, these are my top five most read posts of all time:

The Avengers vs. Michael Bay

The Hamburglar: Scourge of McDonaldland

Reasons to be Excited About the Super Bowl: Tom Coughlin

My Fantasy Football “Victory” Speech

Fun with Children’s Television

I wish I could say that the popularity of these posts was due to great content.  While they all hold up well enough, I’m not going to claim that any of them is an example of my finest work.

The real reason why these have been my most popular posts is almost entirely due to them containing popular search terms.  Want proof?  I’ll share with you the most popular search terms people have used to find my blog:

People still love seeing the "Coughlin Face."

People still love seeing the “Coughlin Face.”

5. the cutter wordpress – Hooray! This shows that some people out there are actually searching for me and my site!  Either that, or they’re looking for a blog about cutting oneself.  I’ll just assume that they’re looking for me.

4. dora the explorer – I suppose Dora does have a lot of fans out there.

3. transformers vs. avengers – Apparently, this is the wet dream of a lot of fanboys out there.

2. tom coughlin – I wonder what people think when they search for the New York Giants’ coach and come across my “tribute” to him.  They’re probably excited to find pictures of his trademark “incredulous” face.

And the top term that people have used to find my site….


That’s right.  The most common way that people discover my site is by searching for information about McDonaldland’s #1 criminal.

I owe Squinty a bit of thanks for this one.  During the original 31 Days of Blogging, I thought that I’d need some extra ideas, and he suggested writing about the Hamburglar.  What I thought would be a throwaway filler post has apparently now become my signature post.  Go figure.

The good news is, since I’m once again writing about the Hamburglar and including another picture of him, there’s a good chance that this post will also be popular.

You wanted him, you got him! (Image source: Fast Food Wiki)

You wanted him, you got him! (Image source: Fast Food Wiki)

Maybe I should just change the blog’s name to The Hamburglar Chronicles.  I’d probably have one of the most popular sites on the web within a year.


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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19 Responses to Hamburglar! Hamburglar! Hamburglar!

  1. Robble, robble – or whatever the hell it is he says. That guy has to be one of the freakiest creations McDonald’s came up with – except maybe Grimace, the giant purple sack. The poor children these days have no idea what we’re talking about when we mention these guys. I wonder what the Fry Guys and Birdie are doing these days? Must be tough being unemployed in the fast food spokesmuppet world.

    My biggest search term is Dragon Tales, so – yeah it’s really weird what people look for. I’ve yet to find myself by using that search term. I started to ask you for the link to those posts, then looked up and d’oh. I am really sleepy this morning.

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  3. You’re on the FIRST PAGE of search results for Hamburglar! I am jealous of your success!

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  7. Your Hamburglar is my Sandy Cheeks. Funny how the internet works…

  8. UndercoverL says:

    Going to test the Hamburglar search right now……

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