After realizing that we hadn’t gone on a vacation without our daughter in quite some time, Mrs. Cutter and I decided to leave the Cutlet home with Grandma and set sail on a weekend cruise.

After having such a good time on a Norwegian Cruise Line weekend cruise back in 2008, we opted to do it again.  And since these vacations tend to be more fun when surrounded by friends, we invited three other couples to join us aboard the Norwegian Sky.

Naturally, in the days leading up to our trip, I had to get in the right frame of mind by watching some clips from The Love Boat!

Now that you’re all suitably in the mood, I’ll share some highlights from the trip:


Cruise5After arriving on board, the first item on the agenda was to order some fruity drinks.  We tried all sorts of concoctions, ranging from Rum Runners to Dirty Bananas.  Soon enough, all the worries of the real world were swept aside as we enjoyed our cool drinks by the pool.

But we wouldn’t just fill up on alcohol.  One of the best things about a cruise is that there is always a plentiful supply of food.  Want to go get a hamburger at just about any time of day?  The buffet is only a few steps away!  Got a craving for an ice cream cone?  The soft serve machine is just around the corner.

For dinner, we would usually head to one of the sit-down restaurants and order multiple entrees or desserts.  If one particular dish didn’t do it for us, we could simply try out another at no extra cost.  More anything?  More everything!

Coincidentally, both Mrs. Cutter and I feel like we gained at least five pounds on the trip.


Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr

For some reason, I had this fantasy of our entire group playing some beach volleyball.  I think I pictured it being like a beer commercial, where we’d spiking the ball and then slap hands in celebration.  Then, they’d cut to a shot of us sitting on beach chairs as we laughed and drank some Bud Light Lime.

I did convince all of the other men in the group to play. (The women opted to be lame and just sit and relax.)  And while we might not have been dominating and high-fiving the way I envisioned, we did have some good times.

I learned that playing volleyball for extended periods of time can leave your thumb and forearm feeling mighty sore.  I could barely use my left hand for the remainder of the trip.

Afterwards, we did indeed meet up at the beach chairs, but instead of a Bud Light Lime, I believe I opted for a Pain Killer.  Honestly, I’m really not that big a fan of a Bud Light Lime.


In 2012, I first tried out my karaoke rendition of Faith Hill’s “This Kiss.”  It was good, but I felt it could use some refinement.  When I saw that the Norwegian Sky had a karaoke night, I figured this was my big chance.

I would have to wait for my opportunity though.  Apparently, the ship didn’t have a wide selection of songs available to sing, and that gave some people some trouble. There was a group of foreigners who took over 20 minutes to choose a song.

Eventually, they decided on Baby Got Back (despite not knowing the words) and once the song was complete, they felt the need to stay up on stage and continue to sing.  (Admittedly, I did enjoy when they sang Hava Negila)

Faith Hill's got nothing on me! (Image source: Wikipedia)

Faith Hill’s got nothing on me! (Image source: Wikipedia)

Finally, they were shooed off stage and my name was called.  The pressure was on, but I’m happy to say that I nailed it.  My rendition of “This Kiss” was somewhat reminiscent of Limp Bizkit, and I think I left the whole room in awe of my musical talents.  I may have even moved a few people to tears.  The following day, a few of my shipmates came up to me to thank me for touching their lives.

I wish I had some video of it so that you could all share in the glory as well.

Since this post has already gotten a bit long, I’ll end it here, and come back tomorrow with some more escapades from the cruise.


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6 Responses to Cruising

  1. djmatticus says:

    Tears? From something reminiscent of Limp Bizkit? So, they were tears of pain then?
    Hooray for a vacation without the cutlet. The queen and I are still aways off from getting to doing anything together without the little prince. Maybe next year… maybe the year after that…
    Volleyball – first: if you’d had me on your team, we would have been spiking and high fiving just like you imagined. second: why in the world does your thumb hurt? You’re supposed to bump pass with your wrists, not with your fists…

    • The Cutter says:

      Not a fan of the Limp Bizkit, eh?

      I’ll have to bring you along for the volleyball action next time. And the thumb hurts from having the ball jammed against it at the net a couple of times.

    • djmatticus says:

      Ah, from blocking! Okay, that makes much more sense. And, yeah, you really should bring me along next time.

      Not to link drop or anything, though that is exactly what I’m going to do, but did you see the vampire post I wrote for you? “It’s a living”

    • The Cutter says:

      No, I got behind on my blog reading due to vacation and all. I will be checking it out promptly!

    • djmatticus says:

      Yes. Vacation is definitely more important than reading blogs. 😉 Well, maybe… depending on the vacation…

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