Pajamas, Pancakes, and Pizza Make for a Happy Girl

In the past, I’ve discussed how the Cutlet isn’t always the most cooperative child.  She saves most of her disagreeableness for bedtime, but she can also be quite difficult in the morning when we’re trying to get her ready for school.  Some days, it feels like she does everything in her power to delay us.

Often times, she’ll want to stay in bed.  She’ll pull the covers over her head when we turn on the light.  She’ll cry when we try to pull the covers off of her.  She’ll run back into her bed if we try to get her out.  And then she’ll reject the outfit which we had picked out for her.  (Keep in mind that she’s only three!  I don’t think I can even think what it will be like when she’s a teenager.)

That was not a problem this morning.  This morning, she was very excited to get up and dressed.  Why?  Because at her preschool today was pajamas, pancakes, and pizza day!

The promise of pancakes could get even the surliest children out of bed.  (Image source)

The promise of pancakes could get even the surliest children out of bed. (Image source)

Every month, the school designates a Friday to be Pizza Friday where the PTA supplies pizza for the students.  (This alone made the morning easier because we didn’t have to worry about packing her lunch.)  If that wasn’t enough, because her class has been especially well-behaved (and because they’re learning about the letter P), her teachers decided to throw the kids a special pajama and pancake party.

Kids were allowed to wear their favorite pajamas to school (The Cutlet chose her Tinker Bell pajamas, complete with green tutu), and the teachers would make them pancakes for breakfast.  Once I heard about it, I became more than a little jealous.  I wish my office would have a pajama and pancake day!  I’d definitely be a lot more motivated to get up and go to work if they did.

As expected, the Cutlet was quite excited to get out of bed this morning.  When she asked,  “Do I get to wear my Tinker Bell pajamas?”  I was happy to inform her that she could.  When she asked what she would have for breakfast, I reminded her that she’d be getting pancakes at school.  And then for lunch, she would have pizza!

So for one morning at least, we had a happy, agreeable little girl on our hands.  Sigh…I just wish that every day could be pajama, pancake, and pizza day.  Life would be so much easier.


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20 Responses to Pajamas, Pancakes, and Pizza Make for a Happy Girl

  1. Katie says:

    I wish I still had pajama and pancake days, too.

  2. that is so adorable. i think it was also alliteration and carbohydrate day

  3. E. says:

    … I wish college had that! Sure, you can wear pajamas, but pancakes and pizza cost money that I don’t have. 😦 Oh, to be a child again…

  4. Pajama days are the biggest reward for kids. When I was a kid, it would have been my biggest nightmare. Literally. Showing up at school in my pjs would have been one step shy of showing up naked.

  5. I have to say… I’m pretty jealous over here. Pizza, pajamas, and pancakes all in one day? That’s called arriving in life.

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