December Guests?

Many of my fellow bloggers have been busy this month.  They’ve been participating in NaBloPoMo, in which they write a new post every day.  Some of them have even teamed up to help inspire and support each other.

I did not participate.  Not that it didn’t seem like fun, but more because I like to reserve my “post every day for a month” efforts for my annual 31 Days of Blogging event in December.


The past two Decembers, I set out to post something every day.  Each time, I went in feeling somewhat skeptical that I’d be able to do it, yet I managed to go 31 for 31 in both years.  (Actually, I managed 32 straight days both years.  So go me!)

And while I’m going to try it again next month, this time I’m feeling REALLY skeptical.  Now that I am the editor of a Philadelphia Phillies site, I just don’t know if I’ll have time to work on the Phillies site AND come up with 31 straight days worth of material here.

So I’m asking for help from some of my fellow bloggers.  I’ve already reached out to a few people, but if anyone would like to supply a guest post here in the month of December, I would certainly appreciate it.

I’ve also tried to convince Mrs. Cutter to write a guest post.  I told her she could talk about how wonderful it is to be married to me (Or a different topic of her choosing).  Thus far, she has seemed reluctant to do so, but I bet if enough people ask her nicely, she might agree to it.

So if anyone is interested in writing here, please fill out the form below.

With that said, I probably won’t have another new post up until December 1st.  So until then, here’s hoping that you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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22 Responses to December Guests?

  1. happy hanukkah
    i will be a guest reader
    of mrs cutter

  2. Are you kidding me? I can’t even keep up with my own blog of Worthless Advice and now I have to help carry you through December? You are putting way too much pressure on me….
    However, I do enjoy your blog and I did like that ICE post. A big thumbs up and I’m glad you came home with the right kid this time.

  3. Sofia Leo says:

    Another blog-post-a-day month? Be still my heart! I might wanna get in on some of that action 🙂

  4. stephrogers says:

    Gosh, let me think of something to say and get back to you. I may very well take you up on it if I can think of something good enough!

  5. This princess, and relatively new blogger, would be honoured to help out! 🙂

  6. List of X says:

    I periodically write something that I can’t post on my blog (not a list of 10 on current event), and then I have to ask other bloggers to post it. So I will definitely keep you in mind.

  7. djmatticus says:

    Dear Mr.s Cutter,
    Please grace us with your presence. If nothing else, think of it as an opportunity to right all the wrongs that Mr. Cutter has unleashed in this space. For example, do you even want to be called Mrs. Cutter? Perhaps there is a name you’d rather go by: Mr. Cutter’s Boss, The Cutter Ruler, etc…
    I’m looking forward to reading whatever bit of awesome silliness you come up with.

    PS. – Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to The Cutter, Mrs. Cutter, and The Cutlet.

  8. Ooh I know what you could write about! G.I. Joe! I’d do a post for you, but not sure what you’d like. I could give you a girl’s perspective on the Joes, I guess. WTF, all we get is Scarlett and Lady Jaye? We’re been screwed!!

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