The 31 Days of Blogging: Episode VII

The calendar says that today is December 1st.  And you know what that means here at The Cutter Rambles?  That’s right!  It’s time for another 31 Days of Blogging!


For 31 straight days, I will (or at least I will attempt to) publish a new post here.  They might not all be gems.  Some posts will be little more than filler, and some posts may not even be written by me.  But I will make an effort to ensure that something gets posted here every day.

Looking back, I noticed that last year’s “31 Days” were somewhat more somber than in 2011, but the writing quality was also probably better.  Because of that, I consider the 2012 edition to be the Empire Strikes Back to 2011’s Star Wars.  (It’s possible that I only thought of that because I included a clip from Empire in last year’s December 1st post.) Continuing with that very tenuous analogy, that would make 2013 the Return of the Jedi of the 31 Days of Blogging.

Much like Return of the Jedi, this December is starting off with our heroes in a dark place.  While there might not be a new Death Star under construction, my family has had some issues to deal with today.  When the Cutlet woke up this morning, I discovered that due to a miscommunication, she wasn’t put in a Pull-up last night, and as a result, her bed was soaked.

The Cutlet will soon have this show memorized.

The Cutlet will soon have this show memorized.

Unfortunately, this was my problem to deal with alone, because after a busy weekend of activity and family celebrations, Mrs. Cutter has fallen ill.  Nothing major, but her throat is killing her, and she feels tired and achy.  I’m going to try to let her stay in bed all day while I find ways to occupy the Cutlet.  Currently, that involves her watching the “The Floating Palace” episode of Sofia the First for about the 99th time.

I have some other business to attend to while she’s occupied, so I’ve got to cut today’s entry a bit short.  Before I go, I’ll provide you with some entertainment.  When people think of Return of the Jedi, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Ewoks!  And so, The Cutter Rambles shall have Ewoks as well!  Enjoy!


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7 Responses to The 31 Days of Blogging: Episode VII

  1. Kevin says:

    You really can’t bet a morning full of Ewoks! I love it so much!

  2. Oh that is hilarious. Even a chorus, lol. Billy Dee!

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