Thanksgiving Leftovers

Like many Americans, today’s lunch consisted of leftovers from Thanksgiving weekend.  I can say there’s a good chance that tonight’s dinner will also be leftovers.  And I’ll probably have even more tomorrow.

Many people opt to finish off the turkey the day after Thanksgiving, but Mrs. Cutter and I chose to head out on the town for some Japanese hibachi instead.  (Which produced the unintended side effect of more leftovers.)

It looks great now, but after a couple of days, the thrill is gone. (Image source)

It looks great now, but after a couple of days, the thrill is gone. (Image source)

On Saturday night, since we had an ultra-rare overlapping of Thanksgiving and Chanukah, (Not sure what the Mayans were thinking with that one.  The Mayans are the ones who made the calendar, right?) the family came over to our house for another big dinner of chicken parmesan and pasta.  And sure enough, this meal resulted in even more leftovers in the fridge.

My mission for this week is to polish off as much of these leftovers as possible.  Because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it is wasting food.

Did I mention that I was on a diet before this week?  Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I tried to follow Weight Watchers’ Points Plus system in order to give myself some room to grow over the holidays.  While the diet was successful enough, I think I managed to undo any good I might have accomplished in just a matter of days.

These kids were probably much more enthusiastic about playing football in the cold than my friends were.  (Image source)

These kids were probably much more enthusiastic about playing football in the cold than my friends were. (Image source)

As for Thanksgiving itself, I was in a bad mood, but I’m not entirely sure why.  I performed all my usual traditions: I went out to a bar the night before (Sadly my pre-Thanksgiving trips to Atlantic City are now a thing of the past), I played football in the morning (It didn’t help that a combination of age and coldness seemed to lessen everyone’s enthusiasm for the game), I had a bowl of soup for lunch, and then I took a pre-dinner bath.  But for whatever reason, it felt like I was doing these things more out of obligation rather than gaining that much joy from them. 

It also didn’t help my mood that for the first time ever, I had to work the following day.  Sure it was a quiet day at the office, and I was very liberal with my lunch break, but it was still kind of depressing being there.

Oh well, I guess they can’t all be great Thanksgivings, right?  Nothing left to do but put it in the past and look ahead to events yet to come.  Or at least I’ll try to do that once all of these leftovers are gone.  I’ll let you know how that goes in a few days.


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8 Responses to Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. djmatticus says:

    Hooray for leftovers!
    Our fridge is also overflowing with leftovers… Not only from the mini-thanksgiving we cooked for ourselves yesterday (after having real thanksgiving at a relatives house and therefore not having any leftovers of our own), we also had leftovers from a dinner we hosted on Friday for some friends that came by to visit, plus some leftovers from meal we cooked last week before Thanksgiving. Lunches and dinners for this week are taken care of.

    I haven’t felt the “holiday spirit” in a couple years now… I was hoping that having the little prince around would turn that around for me, but so far it hasn’t. Don’t feel like dealing with the large food gatherings and family drama. Don’t want to bother putting up a tree or lights. We aren’t even doing presents this years among us “kids” (my generation – my parents didn’t want to play along and have decided they are giving us gifts whether we want them or not).

  2. I was left with just enough turkey for two more meals, and that was all gone by Saturday morning. My Mom went way lighter than usual on Thanksgiving food since only four of us could get together due to work obligations and my nephews being with their father…

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