An Earlier Than Expected Chanukkah Post

As is my yearly tradition, I have written a Chanukkah post.  I will share eight points with you, some of which will relate to the holiday, while others will not.

1. This year, we got the ultra rare Thanksgiving-Chanukkah overlap.  For my family, this didn’t result in much change.  The only real difference was that before dessert on Thursday night, we lit some candles, and the kids received a present.

2. I’m not a fan of Chanukkah coming early in the year.  Not that it’s a major holiday or anything, but it seems weird for it to be over just as the “holiday season” is beginning.  I can remember a couple of other times when the festival began over Thanksgiving weekend, and I seem to recall those Decembers being kind of crappy, although that might have been purely coincidental.

3. I bet retailers have enjoyed the early holiday even less.  Most of the Jews out there had to get their shopping done before Black Friday.  I wonder how much this will affect sales numbers.

I’m sure I’ll find out, because if there’s one thing that news sites love reporting on, it is holiday sales levels.  I guess they think this provides an indication as to how well the economy is doing?

4. It seems that stores opening on Thanksgiving evening is now a permanent thing.  I talked to a couple of people who went out that night, and apparently if you didn’t get there right at the opening, most of the “Doorbusters” were already gone.  (I should mention that the term “Doorbusters” really annoys me for some reason.)

This is probably not a good thing, as it means there will be more pressure on people to arrive earlier.  Which means that Thanksgiving dinners will be affected.  And in response, stores will probably start opening even earlier.  I’m guessing its only a matter of time until the stores are just open all day on Thanksgiving.

I don’t really understand the whole Black Friday shopping frenzy.  I realize that some people go for the sake of going, but if you have to inconvenience yourself or interrupt dinner plans, then doesn’t that defeat the purpose?  Heck, after Thanksgiving dinner, I generally don’t want to do much besides watch television, and empty my bowels.

For those people who actually are looking for great deals, are you really gaining that much?  I mean, are these deals THAT spectacular that you’d actually get into a brawl with people.

I find it both hilarious and sad that #brawlmart was a commonly used hashtag on Twitter Thursday night.

5. On Saturday night, we were watching the Alabama vs. Auburn football game.  My parents were planning on hitting the road that night, and when it looked like the game was about to head into overtime, my father decided to leave instead of staying to watch.  So we switched off the game immediately before the final play of the game.  Oops.

6. As we prepared for Chanukkah, we had a tough time locating our menorah.  We were in the middle of the moving process during the holiday last year, so we figured that it got stowed away some place that we didn’t expect.  After a fairly thorough search, I gave up and bought a new one.

Would you like to guess how long after I purchased the replacement that Mrs. Cutter found it?  Two hours!  And she found it in a place I was pretty sure I had already looked.

Oh well, I guess we’re a two menorah family now.

7. Who wants to watch a fun Chanukkah video by the Maccabeats?

8. My sister and I got a Kindle Fire for our mother.  Despite his claims that he “doesn’t want a tablet” my father sure seemed eager to start using it.  In fact, it appears that we might need to get a new one for my mother soon, since he seems to have commandeered this one.

I got a call from him last night asking how to connect it to a wireless network.  I have never used a Kindle Fire, so I had no idea how to do that.  (I’m sure I could have easily figured it out if I was holding the device.  But trying to blindly guide him over the phone was not happening.)  Thankfully, Mrs. Cutter had previously used it, and was able to direct him to the list of available networks.

He then said that he didn’t see the network he wanted to join.  We had him connect his home network, but he said that he wanted to be able to use WiFi when he was out at the casino.  He was confused why he didn’t see the casino’s network listed as well.

Sigh…parents and technology.  I can’t wait until thirty years from now when the Cutlet has to talk me through using the matter transporter.


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8 Responses to An Earlier Than Expected Chanukkah Post

  1. Katie says:

    One of my mom’s Christmas gifts is a Chromebook, because I’m not sure she’d adapt to Windows 8 very well. I’m sure much of Christmas morning will be spent teaching her how to use it.

  2. rarasaur says:

    I so hope we get a matter transporter in my lifetime. It’d be worth the pain of having to ask my nephews and nieces how to use it. 🙂

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