Christmas presents under the tree

Mrs. Cutter has become increasingly difficult to buy gifts for.  Part of the problem is that she has this habit of buying just about anything she wants for herself.  (This is ironic considering the number of times she has complained about her mother doing the same thing.)

In the Spring, her birthday, Mothers’ Day, and our anniversary come in quick succession.  Despite the presence of those gift-giving holidays, Mrs. Cutter seemingly can’t resist buying stuff for herself around that time.

2840889992_15cb3b2678She’ll mention that she wants a new blender.  So I get all happy and think, “Oh good!  I can get her that as a present!”  And then a week before her birthday, I’ll come downstairs and see a new blender on the countertop.

Earlier this year, she said that she really wanted a Dustbuster vacuum, so the Cutlet and I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy one as a Mothers’ Day present.  A week later, a brand new Dustbuster arrived from Amazon.  (Amazon is a huge part of the problem.  I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Mrs. Cutter is addicted to their site.)

In case anyone thinks I’m a horrible husband for buying my wife a vacuum as a gift, I’d like to point out that she specifically requested the vacuum.  If you don’t want a vacuum as a gift, then don’t say you want a vacuum!  Anyone who thinks I should have “known better” has either watched too many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond or read too many issues of Cosmo.

With the holidays fast approaching, I was dismayed to see a package arrive for her a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently, she had bought herself some yoga clothes, despite the fact that I have purchased yoga clothes for her on several recent gift-giving occasions.

Since she has become impossible to shop for, I decided to just get her a Chanukkah present which amused me.

For my birthday, Mrs. Cutter bought me this shirt from the Zoo With Roy website.  While I’d like to think that the shirt was created in my honor, it is actually a tribute to the signature pitch of Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay:

You know you're at least a little bit jealous

You know you’re at least a little bit jealous

I thought it would be awesome if I got her a matching shirt.  I thought she’d find it at least a little funny.  But Mrs. Cutter was not amused.

I told her that I would pick out an event where it would be appropriate to wear matching T-shirts.  She agreed that if ever such a time arrived, she would wear it.  Somehow I am skeptical.

Who wouldn't want "his and hers" Cuttered shirts?

Who wouldn’t want “his and hers” Cuttered shirts?

I’m hoping that she enjoys her Christmas presents a little bit more.  But chances are, she’ll just end up buying the things I picked out before then anyway.

By the way, if anyone out there wants their own Cuttered shirt, here’s a link:

I don’t get any money from it, but I’d still feel at least a little honored if you wore one.


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22 Responses to Gifts

  1. I’m thinking of buying my wife a kegorator or something that she doesn’t have. Maybe a bowling ball with her husband’s name on it? You may want to go in that direction. Perhaps she’d enjoy some Waffle House gift certificates?

  2. zeudytigre says:

    I buy my husband DVD’s that we can both enjoy watching together. If he chooses not to join me, that is his problem 😉

  3. Katie says:

    I think a vacuum is a great gift! A new vacuum is actually part of my boyfriend’s Christmas present because he desperately needs one. I think his Hoover is from the Clinton administration.

    Plus, these days with Dyson around? That vacuum could’ve been more expensive than a diamond necklace.

  4. Sofia Leo says:

    Best Christmas gift I ever got from a spouse was a KitchenAid stand mixer. I love that thing! Whenever I relate the story of how I got it my women friends are universally horrified, but I have no regrets about not getting jewelry or some other useless thing.

    • The Cutter says:

      I don’t understand why practical gifts get such a bad rap.

    • Sofia Leo says:

      Because it’s “not romantic” is what I hear. Neither, evidently, is giving a spouse a list to take shopping with him/her. I would much rather have something I love and will use than to rely on the questionable taste of my ex and end up with an ugly piece of jewelry that he would insist I wear all the time. Practical is soooo much better!

  5. djmatticus says:

    I used to buy myself things around my birthday and Christmas too, and then one year my parents got tired of it and said, “Fine, but if we’ve already gotten something you buy yourself, then you’ll just stuck with two of them.” It wasn’t an idle threat. The first time it happened, they gave me the gift anyway and just shrugged their shoulders, “it is what it is.” After that, I stopped buying stuff for myself in the month before my bday and Christmas.

  6. I am guilty of buying whenever I see something I like too … I used to be so easy to buy for … times have changed. Prince Charming is the same, so Christmas gift giving is always a frustrating time in our castle. But it does make you get creative. I thought the shirts were super cute! 🙂

  7. stephrogers says:

    Ooooh t-shirts!
    And I am making my girlfriend a book. I am writing bits and pieces and putting in photos and ticket stubs and napkins and things. It’s sort of a scrap book and sort of a love story. It will tell the story of us. I am going to leave the end blank and add to it as time goes on. She won’t find that on amazon. Feel free to borrow ideas here, that’s why I’m telling you.

  8. This is one of the many reasons I hate the gift-giving traditions we seem bound by on special occasions. If I want something, I don’t drops hints to someone that it would be really nice to have that… I go out and get it. Of course, I tell people not to buy me gifts for birthdays and Christmas, which works on pretty much everyone except my Mom, who is a compulsive gift giver. My house is littered with crap I don’t use that she thought would make good gifts for me…

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