Odds Are

We’re one week into the 31 Days of Blogging!  Those who have read past 31 Days will know that I mark this milestone by reviewing a video by the Canadian pop band Barenaked Ladies.  If you weren’t following along the last two years, you can see those reviews here:

One Week

Pinch Me

For this year’s video, I went with the group’s recent hit Odds Are.

Here’s the video if you’d like to follow along:

0:01 – We start off with a parody of a news broadcast.  I’ll give credit to the production team: The graphics they use look like real news graphics.  And lead singer Ed Robertson could easily pass for a news anchor.


0:10 – The new crawl at the bottom of the screen gives us the ominous news that a cluster of meteors are headed for Earth.  So that’s a bummer, huh?

0:18 – They cut to a shot of the mobile reporter at the scene.  Hey, is that the chick from Transformers 3?


0:52 – Remember how I said that Ed Robertson looked like a news anchor?  I can’t really say the same for his co-anchor, band mate Tyler Stewart:


1:07 – Next, we see that a football game is interrupted by an attack from a giant robot.  The robot somewhat resembles ED-309 from Robocop, so that’s kind of cool.

1:12 – We’re offered some clarification: These aren’t just any giant robots.  They’re alien robots.


1:24 – Now we find out that the aliens destroyed the entire stadium.  Shouldn’t the aliens have noticed the meteor shower that’s about to wipe out humanity?  Isn’t this attack kind of a waste?

1:41 – Next, they cut to financial news.  Apparently there’s been a historic stock market crash.  Now this at least makes some sense.  I would think that a meteor strike and alien attack might shake investor confidence.

1:59 – Up next is weather, and the news isn’t much better there.  Looks like we’re getting apocalyptic weather patterns including…

2:03 – Holy crap!  There’s a volcano erupting dinosaurs!  That’s even better than a Sharknado!


2:17 – And now, the zombies have risen from the grave.  This leads to the age-old question: Who would win in a fight?  Zombies or volcanosaurs?  (Note to self: Trademark the term volcanosaurs ASAP!)

2:31 – The zombies breach the news studio just in time for a triple hurricane.  This is really straining credibility now.  Could three hurricanes really form that close together?


2:45 – News graphics become self-aware?  That’s just weird.


2:53 – A nuclear attack from Canada is imminent.  The graphic asks if Canada even has nukes.  That’s a great question.  If any Canadian readers could provide some insight, that would be appreciated.

Honestly, doesn’t it seem a little petty for Canada to bomb us now that the world is ending anyway?  Is this because of how much Americans mock Canadian culture or something?  Way to take the high road, Canada!

Really, if they really had these hidden nukes, why not use them against the aliens or something?  Thanks for not saving humanity, Canada!

3:00 – Petty or not, it looks like they’re bombing us, and that’s how we end things.


So that was fun.  Any BNL fans out there have a suggestion for a video I should cover next year?


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7 Responses to Odds Are

  1. I think you should sink your chops into the Big Bang Theory Theme Song! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on ernitindhiman2010 and commented:
    ODDS ARE ………

  3. Sadly, this is a lot more believable than some of the newscasts I’ve seen. Definitely more entertaining…

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