One Year Home

Today marks the one year anniversary of moving into our new house.  Last year at this time, my life seemed impossibly busy.  We had what felt like an endless number of boxes filling up our garage, and what little free time I had was either spent unpacking or cleaning.  Eventually we did get everything put away (although we’re still discovering some items that got stuffed into strange places), and I’ve even been able to relax and actually appreciate the house.

So how has the first year been?  We’ve definitely had to make a few adjustments.  The most notable has been our shift in location.  We’re now further away from Washington DC, and it seems like most things are more difficult to get to these days.  We have to factor in extra travel time to get to places, and taking the once convenient Metro can often be more of a hassle than simply driving places.

They don't rake themselves

They don’t rake themselves

I’ve also had to learn a good deal about basic home maintenance.  Lawn mowing, weed pulling, and leaf raking are tasks that I never had to worry about when we lived in a condo.

I’ve also learned about the hazards of buying a house from a seller who was “flipping” it.  When an owner is not concerned with the home’s long-term well-being, a certain level of carelessness can set in.

For instance, while the house was being renovated, they failed to put a filter in the HVAC unit.  This ultimately resulted in us having it cleaned.  We also learned that if you ask a seller to fix an item that comes up on the home inspection, they will do it as cheaply as humanly possible.

Despite those problems, I have been quite happy with our new house.  It’s nice being in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by neighbors who have been nothing but friendly.  (We’ve even had a couple of neighbors serve as babysitters for the Cutlet.)

It’s also nice having enough space in our home.  We were starting to feel cramped in our condo, but that is no longer a problem.  The Cutlet has plenty of room to play, Mrs. Cutter has a place to invite her friends over for yoga, and I have my “man cave” in the basement. It was quite nice to be able to hole up down there and watch the Eagles game this afternoon while Mrs. Cutter and the Cutlet were busy upstairs.

Hands off, Cutlet! (Image source)

Hands off, Cutlet! (Image source)

We’ve also been able to invite people over for parties and BBQs in our backyard. (Sorry if we didn’t invite you!)  We’re slightly worried that our house might be a little too good of a party house.  That might prove to be dangerous when the Cutlet becomes a teenager.  I’ve already made plans to draw lines on all of the liquor bottles.  But I probably have a few years before I have to worry too much about that.

Overall, it’s been a very nice first year in our house, and now that we’ve gotten all the kinks worked out, I expect the future years to be even better!


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9 Responses to One Year Home

  1. Being a homeowner can be a royal pain in the ass, but it’s worth it for the kids to have a nice neighborhood to grow up and drink liquor in. That game today was something else. How much snow ended up falling?

  2. We’ve been in our new house only two weeks. Your comment about still finding things hiding in strange places a year later makes me groan. That’s the most frustrating thing right now. There are so many things I can’t find! Of course, if I would unpack every single box . . .

  3. C says:

    Congrats on the one year mark! We’re almost 8 months into our new house, and, like you, we’re discovering some cut corners, but overall very happy with the move. The positives like more space and a better, more convenient neighborhood trump a lot of negatives. It’s going to be a long-term project, but a good one.

  4. I am an extremely lazy homeowner. I don’t rake (this is apparent in the squirrel pictures I post), I don’t shovel, and I only mow the grass because the city will fine me if I don’t. I’m rarely outside anyway, so I could care less what the yard looks like… YMMV

  5. stephrogers says:

    Oh the leaves! I don’t rake mine. I just mow over them with the lawn mower and it mulches them all up and they go into the catcher. I then empty them into the compost.

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