Saturday 9: Jingle Bell Rock

I hadn’t participated in the Saturday 9 questionnaire in quite some time, so I decided to take a crack at answering the nine questions provided this week.

The theme for this week’s questions is: Jingle Bell Rock.

1) Sam has affection for this song because, when she was very young, she tap-danced to it for a Christmas recital. Her parents told her she was wonderful. Do you have any memories from a school/church program or pageant — either as a child onstage or an adult in the audience?

I achieved a certain level of fame in fifth grade when I starred in the school concert as Pee Wee Herman. To this very day, there are people from grade school who still think of me as Pee Wee. Unfortunately, I can’t do the voice very well anymore.

Coincidentally, the Cutlet performed in her very first ballet recital tonight. I was very curious as to how this would all go down, but the Cutlet and her friends all performed splendidly. I’ll give you more details in a later post.

2) Ok, she admits it: After too many cups of holiday cheer, Sam did a few steps of her “Jingle Bell Rock” routine at last year’s company Christmas party. Have you ever done anything at a coworker get together that you now regret?

At my company’s party in 2006, I decided that I was going to get hammered. I did multiple shots with people, and later staged a bet with my boss that I could eat an entire cupcake in one bite. (And I did!) Fortunately, I was a happy drunk, so everyone found me amusing and laughed about it the next day.

Last night was my first holiday party with my current company. It went well enough, and no drunken shenanigans to report. (At least none that I noticed!)

3) Since that unfortunate Christmas 2012 incident, Sam can’t even look at a cup of egg nog. How about you? Do you like egg nog?

I do enjoy a good glass of nog from time to time. Although I can only have a glass or two or else I’m left feeling a bit bloated.

4) For special events, Sam slips on her favorite piece of jewelry: a charm bracelet that once belonged to her grandmother. Do you have a special treasure from a previous generation?

Sadly, I do not. I’m not really a jewelry person either. I used to have an earring, but I stopped wearing that years ago. “Man bling” just isn’t my thing.

5) The only Christmas card Sam has received so far in 2013 is from her insurance agent. How about you? Have any holiday cards arrived yet?

We have gotten a few cards in the mail, and I expect more to begin pouring in this week. The Cutter family is a bit behind, and we have yet to send ours out. So if you are anxiously checking your mailbox every day to see if you’ve received one from us, you should wait at least another week or so.

6) Because of the chill in the air, Sam gave her dog his Christmas gift — a sweater — early this year. He’s already gotten compliments on it. Are there any pets on your gift list?

I don’t have any pets except for fish, and they got a new tank earlier in the year, so they can consider that to be their present. Maybe I’ll give them a special present by finally scooping their dead friend out of the tank and giving the water an overdue changing.

7) Do you need snow to get “into the spirit?”

Most of my Christmases have been without snow, so despite the best efforts of TV and movies, I don’t associate snow with Christmas. The one year that it snowed the day after Christmas, it ended up being a huge inconvenience for me, so I could do without the stuff.

We already have some snow on the ground from last week, and unless we get an end to this recent cold snap, it’s probably going to be there for a while longer.

8) Are you going to get/have you gotten a flu shot this year?

I went to Safeway, hoping to get my shot and then save 10% on my grocery bill, but I was informed that they didn’t accept my insurance. I need to find a place that does take my insurance and finally get it taken care of, but I have a suspicion that by the time I get around to it, flu season might be over.

9) December is an important fundraising month for charities. Here’s your chance to plug a worthy cause that means a lot to you.

I don’t have any personal charities that I specifically love. I’ve helped raise some money this year, but that was an effort spearheaded by my friends. When I do support charities, I tend to prefer charities that help better the lives of people in need.

I hope that my answers have helped get everyone into the holiday spirit. And I they didn’t, well then Bah Humbug right back to you!

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10 Responses to Saturday 9: Jingle Bell Rock

  1. Welcome back to The Saturday 9! I can tell you definitively that you’re the only one ALL YEAR to mention PeeWee Herman in one of your 9 answers. You sound very proud of your “Cutlet,” and I think that’s very sweet.

  2. Katie says:

    I always liked the fact that in CA you could go swimming on Christmas day, I can’t do that as well since moving from the golden state.

  3. The Hook says:

    I for one feel more festive already.
    Thanks, Cutter!

  4. ah,did she go to my dancing school!we did the same thing & i remember it ,but i can’t remember 2nd thru 12th dancing school dances, just 1st grade……jingle bell rock, bat man & jeremiah was a bullfrog & raindrops keep falling on your head.

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