The Cutlet’s Big Day

Saturday was shaping up to be one of the biggest days in the Cutlet’s young life.  Her ballet studio was holding its end of the year recital, so for the first time ever, she would be performing a dance routine on stage.

She has been going to ballet class for over a year, but didn’t get especially excited about it until she learned that she’d not only be performing on stage with her friends, but she’d get to wear a brand new sparkly costume.  (I suppose it’s tough not to be excited about the prospect of getting to wear a new sparkly costume.)

That would have made for a thrilling day by itself, but Mrs. Cutter and I added even more excitement by moving the Cutlet into a new room.  When we originally moved in to the house, we were shortsighted in our choice of which room to give the Cutlet.  Instead of giving her the largest bedroom, we put her in the one closest to our room.

We realized that she’d probably want more space as she got older, and it is a given that she’ll appreciate the larger closet.  So, over the past few weeks, Mrs. Cutter has been busy tracking down purple paint, finding new bedding (decorated with fairy princesses of course!), finding a carpet , and painting the spare bedroom.  Yes, Mrs. Cutter had to do the painting.  I have many skills, but painting is not one of them.  For some reason, I absolutely suck at painting walls.

As purple and pretty as can be.

As purple and pretty as can be.

After attending the ballet class’ rehearsal in the morning, we spent the afternoon moving her stuff into the new room.  (This included disassembling her toddler bed, moving the parts into the new room, and re-assembling it into a full-sized bed.  Unfortunately, I strained my neck in the process.)

Once it was complete, the Cutlet was thrilled to have a brand new room with a brand new “big girl bed.”  She was also somewhat amused that our new guest room is still pink with Disney Princess decals on the wall.

If you ever come visit, this is what your room will look like!

If you ever come visit, this is what your room will look like!

She didn’t have much time to appreciate it, as we had to get her ready for the recital.  Mrs. Cutter squeezed her into her costume, somehow managed to get the flower headpiece to stay in place, and for reasons that were never quite adequately explained to me, applied sparkly eyeshadow.

We arrived at the local high school, the Cutlet was sent backstage with her friends, and the show soon began.  The funniest thing about the show was the front row of the audience.  During each different age group’s performance, the parents would all migrate to the front of the stage and crouch down, cameras in hand.  It reminded us of this commercial.  (Sadly, no brawls broke out as far as we could tell)

After waiting for a few other groups to go on, it was finally time for the Cutlet to shine.  I had been telling her that although she’s up there with her friends, it isn’t really a team thing.  I emphasized that she needed to stand out and be recognized as the star.  (Did I mention that in the absence of a son for which I could be an overbearing little league parent, I’ve decided to become an overbearing ballet parent?)

The Cutlet started off a little slowly, and seemed to be a step behind early on.  But she quickly caught up, and did well down the stretch.   She seems to excel at twirling, so I’m hoping that if she goes back to this class, next year’s performance incorporates more twirls.

At the end of the show, all of the children joined together for a giant dance routine.  Finally, the curtain closed, and the show was done!  Hearty congratulations were offered, and many pictures were taken.  Naturally, we then treated her to a dinner at McDonald’s complete with a hot fudge sundae.

Once we were done dinner, she was mentally exhausted.  We headed home so that she could end her very exciting day by going to sleep in her new room for the very first time.


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12 Responses to The Cutlet’s Big Day

  1. Angel says:

    So kids no longer get twin-sized beds? I didn’t get a full bed until I was 22.

  2. What a fabulous day for The Cutlet! I adore that you have taken on the role of overbearing ballet parent … And I’m delighted that you have given her a closet fit for a princess (she will love you just that little bit more for it as she gets older!). Fabulous read, my friend! xx

  3. stephrogers says:

    Oh what a beautiful day. My daughter and my eldest son both do ballet. They have been dancing for 6 years and 5 years respectively. They love it. They have made new friends and kept fit and it has done wonders for their self esteem. They also really love the sparkly costumes!

  4. The missus did a nice job on that wall! I discovered a herniated dusk getting G$’s room ready for his arrival. Worst pain ever. Sounds like there’s room for another little one pretty soon?

  5. Overbearing ballet parent…. you go! That would make dance recitals more interesting….

    I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a guest room with My Little Ponies on the wall, but I draw the line at Disney Princesses…

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