A Very Merry Song Battle

Since I’ve gotten an underwhelming response thus far, I’m going to give people another day to take a crack at my Grooveshark queue trivia.  If you’ve got a spare minute, take a look, try to guess the five songs, and you might just win a special prize!  And remember, there are no stupid guesses – only stupid people.

Speaking of songs, as part of my continuing quest to get everybody into the holiday spirit, today’s post will feature a very special Christmas Song Battle!


Today’s songs will be battling for the title of: Best Christmas Song Featuring a Beloved Animated Character.

The competitors are:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman


I’m assuming that most of you know these songs already, but for those of you who somehow skipped your childhood, here’s a quick breakdown:

Rudolph chronicles the adventures of a reindeer born with a deformity that ultimately proves useful.  Frosty is the tale of a snowman who magically comes to life.

Which of these songs is more worthy of being declared the greatest Christmas song featuring a beloved character?  Let’s find out!

Most Prominent Singer

Rudolph became a #1 hit for country singer Gene Autry in December 1949.  The next year, Frosty also became a top ten hit as sung by…Gene Autry.  I guess Autry really had the market covered back then.

Edge: Even

Cover versions

Rudolph has been covered by many singers over the years.  Bing Crosby, Paul Anka, Burl Ives, Destiny’s Child, and the Chipmunks (as well as many others) have all recorded renditions of the song over the years.

For some reason, Frosty has been a much less popular choice for artists when making a Christmas album.  Perry Como and Johnny Mathis both took cracks at it, but it seems that when singers want to record a children’s Christmas song, Rudolph is much more of a go-to.

Edge: Rudolph


Ease of Lyrics

Perhaps the reason that Rudolph has been so popular is because it’s easy to remember the lyrics.  We might stumble over a few of the words, but most of us could probably sing Rudolph right now if we had to.

Frosty’s lyrics are a little more difficult to remember.  Once you get past “two eyes made out of coal,” you might need to skip ahead to the “Thumpitty-thump-thump” part or add a few place holding “la la las.”

Edge: Rudolph


Fun to sing

Yes, the “Thumpitty-thump-thump” part is indeed fun to sing.  But that doesn’t compare to the joy you experience when adding in the “extra” lyrics to Rudolph such as “like a lightbulb!”  As a child, whenever we sang the song, my friends and I would really get a kick out of adding in those parts.  I think we thought we were getting away with something.

Edge: Rudolph


Corresponding TV special

Animated television specials were created based on both songs.  Rudolph’s special follows the basic plot of the song, with a few extra elements thrown in.  Frosty expands on the premise of the song more broadly, as most of the show is about Frosty’s quest to survive by reaching the colder climates of the North Pole.  They also added an antagonist in the evil magician who tries to reclaim the magic hat that brought Frosty to life.

I enjoyed both specials as a child, and both should rightfully be considered classics, but I seem to remember liking Rudolph just a bit more.

Edge: Rudolph


The Verdict

Wow, I certainly didn’t expect this to be so one-sided.  This song battle has turned out to be quite the winter massacre, as we have a clean sweep on our hands.

The winner is…Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


Congrats to Rudolph!  May all of his Christmases be foggy and overcast!

So what’s your opinion?  Does Rudolph truly deserve this title, or did Frosty get a snow job?  (And don’t forget to submit your guesses for the trivia!)

And in case you missed them, here are the previous song battles:

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6 Responses to A Very Merry Song Battle

  1. Squinty says:

    I’d have preferred this broken down Dr. Jack style.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    The kid’s girlfriend was singing in a Christmas concert a few years ago at her high school so we went to watch along with her family. When they started to sing “Rudolph”, her younger brother yelled out “LIKE A LIGHTBULB” and all the “additional” lyrics from the audience. Her mom and I couldn’t stop laughing (to the point of crying), the girl was mortified but still had to try to sing, and my kid decided to move ten rows away from us in the auditorium.

    Can I vote for the misfit toy song from the Rudolph special instead?

  3. I think they’re both creepy little freaks and I can’t stand either song. Still, I guess Rudolf is slightly more tolerable than Frosty. Maybe. It’s so close.

  4. Honey says:

    Rudolph for sure! 🙂

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