Solstice! Solstice! Solstice!

Two years ago, I did a post about the solstice, and it was greeted with so much indifference that I felt I just had to do it again.

Unfortunately, other bloggers have thrown their hats into the “posting about the solstice” ring, so that means that I can’t post a lousy, run of the mill post about solstice.  This one will have to be spectacular!

I’m assuming that the majority of people reading this post either:

1. Read this blog two years ago, but oddly do not have all of my posts memorized, and therefore do not recall the post in question.

2. Didn’t want to make the effort to click the link to that earlier post.  (I can’t quite blame you, considering that the post was from two years ago and was about the thrilling subject of the solstice.)

Therefore, I feel I can freely repeat points from that post.  If you do remember that post, or actually did click on the link, then I apologize.  I’ll try to mix in some new stuff for your sake, but if you feel it becoming tiresome, then I suggest you check out some of my posts from earlier in the month.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting every day in December, so chances are that you’ve missed some good ones.  For instance, yesterday I reviewed an episode of the 90’s sitcom Step by Step!

As you may know, today is my mother’s favorite day of the year.  Why? Because for the next six months, each successive day is going to feature more daylight than the day before.  For those of you who enjoy being out in the sun, this is good news.  For those of you who are vampires, this is bad news, because that means that you’ll have less and less time to roam the earth.

If vampires did exist, do you think they would migrate from one hemisphere to another in order to avoid the lengthier days?  I’d like to think that if I was a vampire that I might do that, but then I remember that I’m lazy, and I hate moving.  I’d probably just say, “Meh” and spend the additional daylight hours sleeping or something.

Honestly, the whole “not being able to be exposed to sunlight” thing has got to be a real bummer for vampires.  I would probably go nuts not ever being able to see the sun.  (No, I’m not including the Twilight vampires who can go in the sun.  I’m talking real vampires who burst into flames when exposed to sunlight.)

So let’s see…I’ve discussed this being my mother’s favorite day and vampires.  Is there anything else I can possibly talk about?

I mentioned the hemispheres earlier, so maybe I’ll talk about a fellow blogger who hails from the Southern hemisphere: Steph of She Said What?  She’s Australian, she has a vlog, and she helped alert me to the existence of a remote-controlled floating shark.  Earlier this month, she nominated me for the Blog of the Year award, and I feel slightly bad that I have yet to actually acknowledge this.

Throughout the course of the year, I’ve gotten a bunch of these types of awards.  Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about a couple of them, and I’ve been meaning to do the same for all the ones I’ve received since then.   I figured that at some point during the 31 Days of Blogging, I’d find a time to do a “mega awards” post, but I’m now 21 days in, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I probably should confess that I had written down all of the awards that I had been nominated for, but in the process of moving my office at work twice, I seem to have misplaced that list.  So if you have nominated me for something during the year, and you’ve been pissed off by my lack of acknowledgement, I apologize.  (Crap, I just realized that Steph nominated me for a different award earlier in the year.  I am officially an awful blog friend.)

I realize that the above few paragraphs may come across as humblebragging.  “Oh poor me.  I’ve received so much love and adulation from my fellow bloggers, that I simply can’t find the time to acknowledge them!”  If that was the impression that you got, then I’m super pleased because that is exactly what I was going for.

Okay then.  Now that I’ve talked about my mother, vampires, and done some humblebragging, I think my work is complete for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss everyone’s favorite subject: Urination!  So make sure you check that one out.

In case you have been reading this post and have no idea what the solstice is, I’ll leave you with a helpful link to Wikipedia.  As a super special double bonus, I’ll also include a video of the theme song from an old game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  You’re welcome!

Winter Solstice


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10 Responses to Solstice! Solstice! Solstice!

  1. stephrogers says:

    Awww thanks! Here’s an interesting fact… It’s the summer solstice here. From here on out our days get shorter. But that started yesterday, because we are also from the future.

  2. Thanks for the pingback to my boring lecture on the solstice… and this post was awesome for the game music alone! Old NES 8-bit MIDI tunes are about the pinnacle of awesomeness… and that one was epic! I’d never even heard of that game before, but now I wish I had it back in the day….

  3. The Hook says:

    VampireLover HAS to read this!
    Well done, Cutter!

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