Afternoon at the Movies

Anyone familiar with the Cutlet – or anyone who has read more than a few posts on this site – would know that she is a big fan of princesses.  So when we saw that Disney had created a new movie that featured not one – but two – princesses, it was inevitable that we’d be going to see it.

Today that inevitability became a reality, and the Cutter family headed out to see an afternoon showing of “Frozen.”  This was not the Cutlet’s first in-theater movie as her grandparents had taken her to see a couple of movies before.  However, this would be the first time that Mrs. Cutter and I took her, and we were hoping she would enjoy the experience.

As we sat down, I recalled New Years Day in 2005 when Mrs. Cutter and I thought it would be a splendid idea to see “The Incredibles” in the afternoon.  We didn’t realize that seeing an animated movie on a holiday means that you’re going to be surrounded by children, some of whom might be a bit unruly.

Syndrome wasn't the scariest person in the theater that day.  (Image source)

Syndrome wasn’t the scariest person in the theater that day. (Image source)

That day, a family arrived just before the movie started. Available seating was scarce, so the parents placed their two children at the end of our row, while they obtained seats elsewhere.  I’m not sure why, but the kids felt the need to keep going back and forth from their seats.  After their third return trip, I grabbed one of the children and growled in my most threatening voice, “This is your last trip.  Stay in your seat.”

I must have adequately frightened him, because he didn’t move again until after the move had ended and Mrs. Cutter and I had departed the theater.

Remembering that incident, we made sure to arrive early.  We were able to pick out good seats and make trips to the bathroom well before the movie began.  I saw that some other parents didn’t do the same and were scrambling to find good seats.  Amateurs.

The movie itself was pretty good.  The animation was excellent, and the story was engaging enough.  The Cutlet seemed to be really into it, and she was cracking up at the exploits of Olaf the snowman.

It seemed like a great day…until we were leaving the theater and the Cutlet decided to flip out.  She started screaming, “I want a snack!” and telling her that she could have a granola bar in the car somehow made things worse.  She started swinging her Elsa doll (Yes, she already got the doll in advance of the movie.  Those Disney marketing people are good.) around and then tried to storm off.

She apparently got it in her head that she was going to have popcorn, and she was going to eat it at the theater.  I don’t like giving into a toddler’s tantrum, especially when it’s going to cost me at least $6, so the popcorn was not happening.  Eventually we were able to calm her down, and got her to accept the offer of the granola bar in the car.

We knew that part of the problem was that she was exhausted.  While weekend naps seem to be out of style, we typically at least give her some “quiet time” in which she can relax by herself. But she had been out for most of the day, and she never got that chill out time.  Maybe I was premature in calling other parents amateurs?

At least she enjoyed the movie.  It would have been a real shame had the breakdown occurred while the movie was airing.  Of course, her enjoying the movie comes with some drawbacks of its own.  I’m sure the days ahead will consist of us listening to the soundtrack, playing with her doll, and probably purchasing the official princess costumes.  Like I said, those Disney people are good.

While in the theater, the Cutlet saw advertisements for another animated movie coming out soon: The Nut Job.  She expressed interest in seeing that, so we’ll probably be making another trip to the theater soon enough.  I’m just going to make sure it happens after quiet time.

And on to the next one... (Image source)

And on to the next one… (Image source)


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3 Responses to Afternoon at the Movies

  1. They’re really good. My daughter had six (6!!!) princess birthday parties while growing up. The endless disney cycle!

  2. Oh boy… I’ve heard about that movie being in the works for a while now. Why do I not get as excited over other cartoon squirrels as I do mine? (he said behind green eyes)

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