Win the Day

Chip Kelly (Imagesource)

Chip Kelly (Image source)

I have become a big fan of Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly.  There are two major reasons for this:

  1. He is not Andy Reid.
  2. He has led the Eagles to an unexpected division title in his first year with the team.

I’m not sure how much effect it has had on the team’s success, but Kelly has introduced all sorts of new ideas into the Eagles organization, including some of his favorite slogans and mantras.  One concept he has introduced is the desire to “win the day.”  Here’s how he explained it:

It’s just about embracing the process. I think too many people see too far down the road. You can talk about championships all you want. But if you don’t take care of what you are supposed to take care of today, it really doesn’t matter what your long‑term goal is. Everybody talks about the big picture and they neglect to look at what the small picture is. It’s an accumulation of things on a daily basis that gets you to where you are a year from now.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read multiple pundits proclaim that New Years’ resolutions should be process-based as opposed to goal-based.  People should be less concerned with what they want to accomplish and more concerned with how they’re going to accomplish it.

For instance, I can say I want to become “shirtless selfie hot” in 2014, but without an actual process to accompany the goal, it’s unlikely that I’ll be sharing shirtless pictures with you by the end of the year.  On the other hand, if I say I’m going to stop eating candy and go to the gym at least four days a week, those are some process-based goals that are tangible and therefore easier to achieve.

My goal in 2014 – in addition to the shirtless selfie thing – is to try to expand on Kelly’s philosophy and accomplish something each day that can be looked at as a victory.

I realize that I have had too many days in my life that I did not “win.” These are the days when I drove into my office, killed time for about eight hours, and then headed back home. These are the days when instead of actively engaging with my daughter, I’d simply go through the motions until she’s tucked in her bed.  These are the days when instead of accomplishing anything of value, I merely just existed.

Don't bother me.  I'll win tomorrow.  (Image source)

Don’t bother me. I’ll win tomorrow. (Image source)

I know that there will be some days when it will be tough.  I’m sure there will come a day when I didn’t sleep well the night before and I don’t feel especially motivated.  There will be days when work will drain my mental energy to the point that upon returning home, all I’ll want to do is to zone out in front of the television.

I want to make sure to limit those days as much as possible.  I’m happy to say that today is already shaping up to be a victory. Tonight I’m going to be hanging out with friends, and by doing so, I’ll brighten their lives with my always pleasant company. Win! I spent my lunch break at the gym. Win! Oh, and I also wrote another blog post!  Considering I’m now up to 33 days straight, I’d say that should definitely count as a victory.

So here’s to all of us accomplishing our goals and finding ways to win each day!


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9 Responses to Win the Day

  1. Let’s wait to see how much the Eagle’s fans like him when the rest of the NFL East doesn’t totally suck. What was wrong with Andy Reid, aside from his son’s issues? He seems like a pretty stand up guy.

    • And it is nice to see a college coach have success so that teams don’t bring back Marty Shottenheimer over and over again. Geez, a little success in the past goes a long way in the NFL coaching biz. Though I’m glad to see Lovie Smith get another crack at it.

    • The Cutter says:

      He was a stand up guy and a good enough leader of men. He was just a horrible game day coach and I got sick of seeing the same mistakes after 13 years

  2. Al says:

    Let’s hope they win the Saturday!

  3. While me kids to their homework, I like to watch 30 minutes of mind-numbing TV to get out the work blahs. Then I can tell myself that I had me-tv-time and can jump into spending time with the kids whole heartedly. Congrats to you on 33 days!

  4. Mooselicker says:

    Chip Kelly is the antithesis of Andy Reid.

    Andy Reid “I gotta do a better job.”
    Chip Kelly “He did it!”

    Boykin’s interception last week made me pee a little.

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