Winter Weekend With an Ill Child

It’s January!  As I explained to the Cutlet today, that means it’s just as cold as it was in December, but now we don’t have all of the fun holidays to look forward to.  (I apologize if you really get geared up for Martin Luther King Day.)

It also means that we’re going to be facing quite a few winter weekends over the coming months, and winter weekends can really kind of suck when you’ve got a small child. It can be hard enough figuring out what to do with the Cutlet when the weather is nice and we can go outside.  On days like today when the sub-freezing temperatures essentially limit us to indoor-only activities, it becomes even tougher.

Making matters worse, the Cutlet seems to have come down with some sort of stomach bug.  It hasn’t affected her too much, except that the past two nights she’s woken up and emptied the contents of her stomach all over her bed.  Yes, it’s entirely unpleasant as it sounds.

3129018861_552abc09c0Not wanting to overdo it since she’s not feeling well, aside from a brief foray into our backyard for the purpose of building a snowman – an endeavor that failed due to the snow being too dry – she’s been inside all day.  (At least I had the chance to make a snow angel.  It’s hard to think too poorly of a day when you get to make a snow angel.)

Being inside all day means that there have been quite a few cartoons viewed.  A person can only take watching so much Strawberry Shortcake, so unless the Cutlet really seems to be feeling poorly, we’re going out somewhere tomorrow.  Our destination will likely be the Children’s Museum in Baltimore.  That should be suitably stimulating for her brain.

And hey, assuming all goes well, we’ll only have like eight or so more of these weekends until it gets warm again!


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9 Responses to Winter Weekend With an Ill Child

  1. My husband was so bummed today that the temps were warmer (almost 30 degrees!) but we couldn’t take our son out to play since he is sick. Poor kid can’t seem to catch a break.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Hope the Cutlet feels better soon.

  3. merbear74 says:

    I love how you call her the Cutlet. Hope she feels better.

  4. The only thing worse than the theme song to Strawberry Shortcake is the theme song to My Little Pony….

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