My Daughter Wore a Turkey Dress to School Today

I’m not sure who originally bought the dress; it was either Mrs. Cutter or her mother, but that isn’t important.  The important thing is that the Cutlet owns an orange dress that comes complete with a brown skirt, brown pants, and a big picture of a turkey on the front.

photoLeading up to Thanksgiving, the Cutlet was very excited about her special dress.  Almost every morning, she would ask us if she could wear it, but we kept telling her that she had to wait until Thanksgiving.  That didn’t stop her from talking about it.  One day when picking her up from school, her teacher said to me, “So I hear she has a special turkey dress for Thanksgiving.”

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, her school held a big Thanksgiving feast, and we told her that she could finally debut the dress.  She proudly walked into her classroom and showed it off to her classmates.

As it turned out, she wasn’t the only girl in the class to own a turkey dress; two others were also sporting clothing adorned with poultry.  One girl’s turkey dress even had her name written on it.  (What a little one-upper!) Fortunately, the Cutlet is in preschool and not high school, so having several other girls dressed in a similar fashion was considered to be a good thing.

We had to do a load of laundry the next day so that the dress could be re-worn to Thanksgiving dinner.  When we walked into my sister’s house, I believe the first thing the Cutlet said to her cousins was that she had a turkey on her dress.

Apparently, once Thanksgiving was over, the dress was never to be worn again.  I learned this one morning in December when the Cutlet was being especially finicky in regards to her outfit.  I suggested she wear the turkey dress, but Mrs. Cutter quickly shot down that idea saying that it was ridiculous to wear a turkey dress after Thanksgiving.  I countered by pointing out that our daughter often accessorizes her outfits with a mismatched tutu, so I didn’t think it was a big deal.

I’ll give you one guess as to who won that argument.

As I’ve mentioned, mornings with the Cutlet don’t often go smoothly, and picking out an outfit isn’t always an easy process.  Today, since Mrs. Cutter had to leave early, I was forced to handle this duty alone.  My first suggestion was (as usual) rejected by the little princess.  That’s when the brilliant idea came to me: “Sweetie, would you like to wear the turkey dress?”  I was more than a little pumped when she happily agreed.

Upon arriving at school, her teachers gave us a slightly bewildered look.  “Is that her turkey dress?” they asked.  I told them that when Daddy is responsible for the outfit, everything is fair game.  Apparently they got a real kick out of it, because the first thing they said to Mrs. Cutter when she arrived in the evening was, “Daddy put her in the turkey dress.”

So what do you think?  Did I do the wrong thing by dressing my daughter in an outfit that clearly is out of season?  Or am I being smart by getting multiple uses out of the dress and finding a way to get my daughter dressed without much argument?

(Note: Anyone who thinks I was wrong is welcome to come over tomorrow and assist me in getting her dressed!)


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37 Responses to My Daughter Wore a Turkey Dress to School Today

  1. Squinty says:

    I think you did the right thing. Who wears something only once? You should get her a Sugar Daddies shirt!

  2. It’s not like the dress says “Happy Thanksgiving.” Kids wear clothes with monkeys and rabbits and other critters all the time. Why must turkeys only be worn in November? Plus, what a waste of money. Cutlet will probably outgrow the dress by next Thanksgiving. Why not let her use it while it still fits.
    Of course, I more practical than fashionable. Oh, and my son is wearing Santa Claus pajamas as I type.

  3. stephrogers says:

    Hahahaha! Firstly can I say how incredibly cute the Turkey dress is. I am loving it. Secondly, I am the wrong person to ask for advice on dressing children. My 2.5yr old boy will ONLY wear girls clothes. If I put boys clothes on him he rips them off and yells and screams and throws them at me. Then he asks for his pretty pretty (meaning his girls clothes). I have been forced to buy him numerous outfits of girls clothing when the same single outfit that was a hand me down kept getting worn to the point of absolute disgustingness and then he would sit completely naked and watch it in the washer and the dryer and then put it straight back on again. He had a MASSIVE tantrum in the shop because I wouldn’t buy him a $60 Dora the Explorer Tutu Princess dress. I was not opposed to the dress, can I add, just the price. He wears pink dresses and tuile and pretty pretty girls clothes. He also wears LOADS of jewelry, he has bangles up to the elbow on both arms and neckaces. Some kids dress up like Batman or Cat Woman. My kid wears girls clothes and yours wears a turkey dress. And I bet they all look gorgeous.

  4. Al says:

    Sounds like “Father of the Year” material to me.

  5. Jolie Michele says:

    I don’t find anything wrong with it, there are kids out there that go through superhero stages and wear costumes to school or get stuck on one outfit. Clothes are clothes, it’s harmless and I think you did fine. It got her dressed and that’s what counts. I do have to say a Turkey dress in January could be a new trend… watch out.

  6. Squinty says:

    I am wearing my Sugar Daddies shirt today. And a fleece jacket!

  7. MissFourEyes says:

    Hey she likes the dress, she got dressed, it’s a win-win. Plus, wearing turkeys in January is probably going to be the next big thing now.

  8. djmatticus says:

    You got her dressed. I count that as a victory. Any time I’m left alone to dress the Little Prince, as long as his attire is weather appropriate, we are good to go. And, yes, multiple uses trumps any idea of specific timing for outfits. We were thrilled when the Little Prince could still wear his 4th of July outfit through the rest of summer… because, why not.

  9. jgroeber says:

    A. The last time my husband dressed any of our kids may have been when I was in the hospital delivering one of them (that’s an exaggeration, but not by much) and
    B. I’ve dressed my kids in stripes, polka dots and flowers on picture day. And I a single child in all four things. (Really not self-promotion, honest, but I posted that pic as part of a post called Picture Day?! Seriously? You can check out the evidence!)
    So while I do admit I set aside clothes that actually say the words “Happy New Year” and “Spooktacular Halloween” to be used only as nightshirts, I say, LONG LIVE THE TURKEY DRESS! (gobble, gobble!) It’s adorable.
    P.S. Thanks to Rara for sending me this way!

    • The Cutter says:

      One picture day we didn’t dress her in a fancy dress. That might be why she always wants to wear them. She might be worried that it’s going to be picture day and she’ll miss out.

  10. tgraham21 says:

    Thumbs up for turkey dress at any time of the year. (The only dress I would wear as a child was the one that had a little Ernie in the pocket. Shocking, I know.)

  11. Okay, first of all, I LOVE that you call your daughter “The Cutlet.”

    Next, I just quit my job at a preschool and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the, “When daddy dresses her, it’s fair game.” (In many different variations)….. It never gets old and it’s sooooo funny.

    Last, I don’t think turkey really goes out of season until Spring. I mean, winter is a symbol for the holidays, in my opinion anyway. Also, it’s good to stand out from the crowd a little. :). Oh and children grow sooooooo fast and clothes are expensive! Get as many uses out of that dress as possible!

  12. You were absolutely right, and I think she should wear it as often as it pleases her to do so. I don’t buy clothing for one-time use… I get my money’s worth out of it. Tell Mrs. Cutter the Cutlet should wear the dress year round! 🙂

  13. You can never go wrong with being original! I love it!

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  15. samantha045 says:

    I wish I had a turkey dress growing up…

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