Adios to the Ad Pundit

In previous years, these past two weeks would have been very busy for me blogging-wise. For those of you who were not aware, in addition to The Cutter Rambles, I also used to have another blog: The Ad Pundit.

The Ad Pundit started when I decided to spin-off the commercial reviews that I used to do here into their own blog. While I’d occasionally change up the approach, the general concept of the blog was to take a popular television commercial and analyze it from a “real world” perspective: I’d mention all the logical flaws or inconsistencies and try to show just how ridiculous or unrealistic the scenarios actually were.

I still think it was a good concept for a blog, and I definitely had fun writing my ad reviews. But for one reason or another, the site never gained much traction.  I probably could have done a better job in making the reviews more readable, and I definitely could have done a better job in publicizing the site.  (This has never been a strength of mine).

In the end, I think the problem was that I enjoyed writing the ad reviews more than people enjoyed reading them.

Early February used to be my most prolific time on the Ad Pundit due to the event that many people consider to the “Super Bowl of advertising”: The Super Bowl! In the weeks leading up to the game, I’d review some Super Bowl ads from years past.  I’d then review some of the better (or perhaps more accurately, more easily mockable) ads from that year’s game. But as you may have noticed (although it’s more likely that you haven’t), that didn’t happen this year.

I realized that I was unlikely to ever give the site the consistent attention that it would really require to succeed. So earlier this year I decided to let the domain lapse.  I’ll keep the site up on its Blogger home (Another mistake?) for old time’s sake, but I don’t anticipate updating it again.

That said, I will probably do some Ad Pundit style reviews here on The Cutter Rambles from time to time.  Because as you may have noticed, there seems to be no shortage of commercials on television that could use a little Cutter-style analysis.

If anyone is curious or wants to take a walk down memory lane, here are a few highlights from the site.  Unfortunately, since I rely on YouTube, I’ve found that many of the videos I used no longer work. I’m sure that you can probably find them on YouTube elsewhere if you really want to watch them.

Bud Light – Close Encounters – My first review on the site. Years later, I stand by what I said: Those women were way too happy about the men leaving.

Forever Lazy – I still question who would buy one of these things.

McDonalds – Dollar Menu – If I’ve learned one thing from commercials, it is this: Women are evil.

Just For Men – Milk – Because Spider-Man is awesome!

Chevrolet – Happy Grad – Messing with your children is fun!

Hyundai – Team – X-Men assemble!

Jared – Airplane – For the final ad on the site, I went to Jared!


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3 Responses to Adios to the Ad Pundit

  1. I’ll have to check some of these reviews out sometime since I kinda do the same thing only with older ads…

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