Alliance of the Damned’s Staplers

Another batch of goodness from the unsavory crew that is The Blogging Alliance of the Damned! This time around, we discuss “staplers.”

The Matticus Kingdom


I’m sure you’ve seen the banner before.  And I’m sure you know what it means.  So, could you tell me?  Because I have no idea…

Anyway, this week it was my lovely opportunity to ask the Alliance a question and present their answers to the kingdom and the rest of the blogosphere.  My question was simple:  What is your “stapler?”  In other words, what is the one item that if it were ever taken from you you’d burn down the world.

Let’s get to the answers:


Stuck on you –

It had the perfect heft. I loved feeling its solidness whenever I held it in my hand. Yet, it didn’t weigh so much that I was distracted by fantasies of using it to clock my micromanaging boss in the head.

I inherited the tape dispenser when I was hired to work in the events office at a conservatory. Technically…

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