Hey Weather, Could You Cut it Out Already?

Anyone else tired of crappy weather?

I seem to vaguely recall a few days of warm weather earlier this month, but I’m not entirely certain I didn’t just imagine it. I’m not sure why I don’t remember those days better. They should stand out like bright lights in the darkness that has been this winter, but it’s possible that all of the cold, snowy weather has numbed me to the point where I can’t even remember what nice weather is like anymore.

Just when we thought we were done with this stuff... (Image source)

Just when we thought we were done with this stuff… (Image source)

When it snowed the first week in March, I remember thinking, “Yeah, this sucks, but snow in early March isn’t that unusual. At least I can be pretty certain that this is the last of it.” When it snowed again on St. Patrick’s Day, I was pissed. How was this happening?

I feel like I’m living in a Christmas episode of a television show, in that there is a constant layer of snow on the ground.

I always felt somewhat lied to by those Christmas episodes. I think that unless it took place in California, when a television show had a Christmas episode, it was a requirement to have snow on the ground. Personally, I can’t recall ever having a white Christmas when growing up in Pennsylvania. The years when we did get snow, it usually waited until January or February.


Behold Mini-Olaf!

One thing those Christmas episodes definitely never showed was two parents trying to work from home while their toddler daughter is also in the house because the snow caused her preschool to close yet again. Let’s just say that the television got a pretty good workout on Monday, and pretty soon, the Cutlet will have the movie Frozen memorized (if she doesn’t already).

After she watched Frozen, I was even able to convince her to go outside so that we could build our own version of Olaf the snowman. Fortunately, the snow was wetter than the last time we attempted this feat, and we were able to construct a passable snow creature.

I had expected the weather to at least be nice today. The NCAA tournament begins today (Okay, I know it technically began on Tuesday, but those games have questionable validity), and for some reason, it’s usually pleasant out during the first second round of the tournament. It seems to be nature’s way of telling you that you shouldn’t be inside doing work; you should be inside watching basketball.

Actually, back in 2011, I took that Friday afternoon off from work, invited some friends over, and we sat on our patio to watch the games. That was really nice.

The best way to appreciate great weather is by sitting inside watching basketball! (Image source)

The best way to appreciate great weather is by sitting inside watching basketball! (Image source)

When I left the house this morning, it was foggy, which isn’t a weather condition I would normally describe as being nice. Yesterday’s forecast indicated that we might actually get a warm, sunny day, so maybe there is some hope.

I think I’ll head outside now and check if things have improved. If so, maybe I’ll take a leisurely walk around the office parking lot and enjoy the sun. And if the weather still sucks, then I won’t feel too bad about going back inside, watching some basketball games on my computer and ignoring the outside world.


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15 Responses to Hey Weather, Could You Cut it Out Already?

  1. mrscutter says:

    It actually pretty nice out right now. High 50s.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I thought we were getting a reprieve, with today in the 60s….then I see next Wednesday is a “frozen mix”.

    *Slams head against keyboard, hopes for coma and to wake up in the summer*

  3. I’m glad the snow bypassed us (so far) this week. Just a few flakes this morning that didn’t stick. I’m sorry you weren’t as lucky.

  4. Katie says:

    We got some snow this morning, too. I don’t think it’s gotten above 50 here, yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Every year I always hope for a freak April snowfall, because it’s just so weird to see snow on the ground in April. Hasn’t happened here since 1997. I’m thinking this year I just might pass on that request….

  6. Chowderhead says:

    This weather can blow me promptly. Need. Warmth. Now. I feel like a pizza right now being in this heated box for months now…

  7. I hear you. We had a 60* day followed by an inch of snow. Killing me!

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