Double Trouble

I once said that it was much more difficult trying to take care of a baby without electricity. And to be fair to my past self, it certainly was.

But I’ve discovered something even tougher than taking care of a baby with the lights out: Taking care of TWO babies, even with the benefit of working electricity.

The storks have been busy. (Image source)

The storks have been busy. (Image source)

Yes, the twins have finally arrived!

Last Friday, we were informed that the babies weren’t growing as much as they should have been, and that they’d need to come out on Tuesday – almost a full month than their natural due date would have been. Twins rarely make it all the way to their due date in any cases, but this was still two weeks earlier than we had expected.

They were both healthy, they just didn’t have much more space in which they could grow. Mrs. Cutter simply isn’t large enough to hold much more mass in baby.

Friday morning, we packed our bags and headed off to the hospital. At 1:15 PM that afternoon, Cutter Junior (Cujo) emerged into the world. (And yes, I’ve given my son a nickname for his nickname.) A minute later, he was joined by his sister (The Cutlass), and the operating room was filled with the sound of two crying babies.

Unfortunately, in his initial examination, the doctors said that Cujo wasn’t taking in enough oxygen, and would have to be sent to the NICU. While this was obviously not ideal, it worked out well for the Cutlass who got to spend some one-on-one recovery time with her mother.

I was soon able to visit Cujo, and he had already made a dramatic improvement. He was breathing better and his blood sugar level was increasing. The doctors didn’t expect him to have to spend much time in the NICU, and sure enough, he was able to join us in our room the next day.

We began to get to know our new children. It’s already apparent that despite sharing a womb, each one has a distinct personality. And thankfully, neither of them is demonstrating the demeanor nor vocal chords of their older sister.

Comic book fans will recognize that the Cutlet has powers similar to the former X-Man Siryn. (Image source)

Comic book fans will recognize that the Cutlet has powers similar to the former X-Man Siryn. (Image source)

The Cutlet would constantly scream with a high-pitched screech that threatened to scar our very souls. If we had to endure two children wailing like that at the same time, I would have probably gone ahead and gotten myself fitted for a hearing aid now.

Unsurprisingly, the twins look similar, especially when they’re sleeping. The main difference between them seems to be in their eyes. Cujo seems more alert and looks around more, while the Cutlass is more content to keep her eyes closed.

The Cutlass has also had the better appetite, and has been more demanding of our attention. While she doesn’t scream like the Cutlet, she can generate a fair amount of noise in her own right, often letting out a squeaky cry. I’ve already begun to compare her to a goose. (And if you recall, geese can be troublesome.)

I’m just hoping that Cujo doesn’t notice that his sister is getting more personal attention because she’s been crying more. His cry is more of a gargle at this point, and the last thing I want is for him to start crying louder so that he might get more one-on-one time with his parents.

The Cutlass also has a habit of crying out in her sleep. She doesn’t appear to be in any distress; I think she just likes to make her presence known.

At one point, I was convinced that there was a goose in the room. (Image source)

At one point, I was convinced that there was a goose in the room. (Image source)

This behavior was unfortunate when she’s sharing a room with her parents who are also trying to sleep. As a result, we took advantage of the hospital’s nursery so that we could get a few quiet hours of sleep each night.

We found that when placed side by side in the same crib, they seem to be calmer and sleep better. I guess after eight months in the same womb, they got used to being next to one another.

Mrs. Cutter also progressed well in her recovery. I find it somewhat bizarre that mothers will undergo major surgery, and as they’re trying to recover, they are asked to be the primary caregivers for a newborn child. (Or in our case, TWO.) I tried to help out as much as I can, but nature has limited just how much I can care for them.

While in the hospital, we had a few visitors, including the Cutlet who got to meet her siblings for the first time. She was quite excited to finally see “brother” and “girl baby.” She was also excited when her new siblings “gave her a present:” A Disney Palace Pet toy.

After that, the novelty of the babies wore off, and she went back to watching some videos on the iPad. (Unfortunately, the Cutlet has had problems of her own since we returned from the hospital, but this story will be detailed in a future post.)

After everyone was given a clean bill of health, we were discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Since arriving at home, we’re been busy trying to figure out the best way to care for two babies while maintaining some semblance of our sanity.

We’ve already encountered new challenges and new joys, and I’m sure we’ll be learning much more in the days ahead. But one thing is already quite apparent: Our lives will never again be the same.


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6 Responses to Double Trouble

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Cujo and Cutlass=love it! Congratulations to you and your newly expanded family, and i am glad to hear all are healthy 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you and your family. What an exciting adventure and I’m glad everyone is doing well. xx

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  4. mistyslaws says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but . . . congratulations!! I’m still cooking mine, but can’t imagine having TWO at the same time. Hang in there guys. And take as much help as is offered. Two is a real handful! So happy that everyone is healthy and doing well, though.

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