Who won the internet? – Christopher Walken

So apparently, NBC aired a live musical of Peter Pan last night?

After the success of last year’s The Sound of Music, NBC decided to make the live musical an annual tradition. For this year’s show, they chose the classic tale of the boy who wouldn’t grow up as their subject matter.

It’s tradition that the role of Peter Pan is played by a woman. (Can anyone explain why this is? I mean, I understand Peter’s supposed to be a boy, but was there a shortage of child actors in Hollywood?) Alison Williams filled that role, and although she’s supposedly famous for being on the show Girls, I wouldn’t know Alison Williams if I tripped over her.

But that wasn’t the important role. The important role was Captain Hook. And who did they choose to play that part?

This guy:

Yes, they went with Christopher Walken.

If there’s one thing that you can say about Christopher Walken it’s that he takes every role he plays and makes it his own. At no point when watching him in a movie or show do you ever forget that you’re watching Christopher Walken.

Naturally, the internet was ALL over this. Just take a look at Twitter:


Apparently, when Christopher Walken dresses up like a pirate and dances across a boat, people take notice.


Honestly, is there a role that you wouldn’t want to see him portray?

From now on, NBC should make it an annual tradition to have a new Christopher Walken movie every December.

Cinderella starring Christopher Walken as Prince Charming! Mary Poppins starring Christopher Walken! Christopher Walken IS Pinocchio!

Maybe NBC will do the smart thing and make that happen. But for now, let’s give some congratulations to Mr. Walken for winning the internet this week!

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5 Responses to Who won the internet? – Christopher Walken

  1. Haha….I HAD to watch it….I’m a huge Christopher Walken fan (or maybe I just like to imitate him too much).

  2. marilynmunrow says:

    I love you Chris.

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