The Ad Pundit: The NFL Shop Family

Some of you may be aware that I used to have another blog named The Ad Pundit. I would review television commercials, usually taking a very literal “real world” analysis.

If anyone wants to check out some of the older entries, you can do so here. (Be warned, many of the videos no longer work.)

Just because The Ad Pundit is dead, it doesn’t mean I can’t still take a look at some television commercials.

Today is Sunday, so I suspect that many of you spent the day watching football. And if you did watch football, you inevitably saw this commercial from NFL Shop:

This commercial has taken a lot of criticism across the web. Drew Magary went as far as to call the family in it the “worst family in America.” He feels that it’s shameful the way all of the kids abandon their VIkings fan roots and begin to cheer for other teams.

Maybe the family isn’t as bad as it seems. Maybe if we take a closer look, the family isn’t all that bad.

Let’s break it down line-by-line:

“We started out as a Vikings family.”


Well, you certainly can’t call the parents bandwagon riders. The Vikings haven’t been good in years.

“…until my son Brandon met Sara, from Philly…”


Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see anything wrong here. It doesn’t say that Brandon became an Eagles fan. He just happened to fall in love with one.

So they have a daughter-in-law who is an Eagles fan. There are worse fates.

“…moved to Cincinnati and had Bengal babies”

Why does Grandpa look so surprised by these kids?

Why does Grandpa look so surprised by these kids?

Now, at first glance, since neither parent is a Bengals fan, the children shouldn’t be either. But there’s nothing wrong with kids rooting for the local team,

I mean, if my kids decided they wanted to be Redskins fans, I would understand. I’d be upset about it, likely taunt them mercilessly, probably call them racists…but I’d understand.

“My daughter Julie met Emmitt Smith and never let us forget about it.”


Okay, Julie clearly sucks.

Cowboys fans are the worst. Most of them have very little reason to actually be Cowboys fans aside from the fact that the Cowboys are the NFL’s most popular team. So Julie should fit right in.

“Why are you a Cowboys fan?”

“Because I met Emmitt Smith in person once.”

That’s your reason for becoming a Cowboys fan? That’s awful. Emmitt Smith could donate a kidney to me, and I still wouldn’t become a Cowboys fan.

Sorry, folks. Your daughter is awful.

“After years of eating Roethlis-burgers, my son Dan became a fan of the guy too.”


While Dan isn’t as bad as Julie, he’s still pretty bad.

First off, this is totally unrealistic. Nobody moves to Pittsburgh. Part of the reason you see so many Steelers fans across the country is because people are always leaving the city.

I suppose that maybe the kid went to school at Pitt or something. And I guess after years of following a sad-sack team like the Vikings, it might be tempting to switch to the much more successful local team.

But even though I understand why he became a Steelers fan, it doesn’t mean I accept it. You don’t get to just switch your team like that.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the guy has such a douchey hair style.

So there you have it: The happy Vikings-Eagles-Bengals-Cowboys-Steelers family.

This is why the terrorists hate us

This is why the terrorists hate us

Maybe they’re not the worst family in America. But they are kind of awful.

Oh wait, looking at the photo at the end, it looks like Brandon is indeed wearing Eagles gear. So he did give up his lifelong NFL team allegiance for a woman. I take it back; Brandon sucks too.

It amuses me that he’s wearing a Donovan McNabb jersey to boot. McNabb hasn’t played for the Eagles since the 2009 season. You’d think in a commercial presumably designed to sell NFL merchandise, they’d show a guy wearing a jersey that wasn’t at least five years old.

Maybe I shouldn’t talk. I’ve lived in the Washington DC area for almost 20 years. It’s possible that had the Redskins not been a complete embarrassment for most of that time, my allegiance might have changed as well.

But somehow I doubt it. Yeah, that family sucks.


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2 Responses to The Ad Pundit: The NFL Shop Family

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Yay Pittsburgh!


    Stuck in Redskins’ Country

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