Disney Princess Guest Appearances on Sofia the First, Ranked

The Cutlet is a big fan of the show Sofia the First.

This happened to be the Cutlet's Halloween costume this year. (Image source)

This happened to be the Cutlet’s Halloween costume this year. (Image source)

For those not familiar with the show, it is produced by Disney and tells the story of a young girl named Sofia who lived with her (presumably widowed) mother in a village in the medieval kingdom of Enchancia.

One day, the king of Enchancia falls in love with Sofia’s mother. The two get married, and Sofia becomes a princess. The show chronicles her adventures as she deals with her new life and her attempts to learn how to be a true princess.

Many of the show’s episodes hinge around Sofia’s necklace – The (supposedly) very powerful Amulet of Avalor. The necklace’s powers aren’t clearly defined, but it has the ability to summon any princess from anywhere or anytime to help Sofia when she’s in need.

It’s basically the Disney Princess version of the State Farm jingle.

It’s also basically an excuse to have the other Disney Princesses show up as special guest stars from time to time. For instance, last night, we watched the new Christmas episode which featured Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog.”

Note: Actually, it wasn’t really a “Christmas” episode, as they called the holiday “Wassalia.” Are we really at a point where we can’t even have a Christmas episode on a children’s television show? Would people really be offended because the characters are celebrating “Christmas” and not some made up holiday which seems to be identical?

Some of the Princesses have been quite helpful when they showed up to help Sofia, while I felt that others barely made an impression. So I decided to rank them in terms of their usefulness.

In case you were curious, Elsa from Frozen has yet to make an appearance. I’m kind of thankful about that, because once Elsa shows up (There’s only a 100% chance that this eventually happens), the Cutlet’s head might literally explode from excitement. At the very least, she’ll want to watch the episode about 1,000 times.

And yes, there was a time in my life when I would have been horrified thinking that I’d be writing an analysis of a television show designed for pre-teen girls. These days, I think nothing of it.

Here are my rankings in order from least useful to most useful:


Aurora was kind of useless. (Image source)

Aurora was kind of useless. (Image source)

They brought out Sleeping Beauty for their first Christmas Wassalia episode, which made it seem like a big deal, but Aurora really didn’t do anything. She just showed up with some animals around her and Sofia realized that her animal friends might be able to help her.

Then again, Aurora was pretty useless in her movie, so what else should I have expected? Maybe she could have told Sofia, “Just wait around. Eventually a man will come and help you.”


Ariel’s decision-making ability is notoriously bad, so we probably shouldn’t have expected her to contribute much. I’m half-surprised she didn’t advise Sofia to cut a deal with the evil sorcerer.

This episode was painfully difficult to watch with the Cutlet the first time around. It was an hour-long episode, and you know they’re not going to bring out the special guest star until near the end.

Unfortunately, the Cutlet didn’t realize this. So she spent most of the show asking, “When is Ariel going to come?”


Cinderella appeared in the pilot movie for the series, and she got a big musical number. This makes her appearance seem important, but honestly, I think Cinderella may have been there more for her own benefit rather than Sofia’s.

Stop projecting, Ella. (Image source)

Stop projecting, Ella. (Image source)

Cinderella sings about how she didn’t get along with her step-family and she regrets this for some reason. She advises Sofia to make an attempt to get along with her own step-sister Amber.

It all seems to make sense, especially when Sofia and Amber are able to team up and save the kingdom from the latest crisis which has befallen it. But maybe Cinderella should have kept her advice to herself.

First of all, Cinderella’s step-family was horrible, and it’s not like she didn’t try to get along with them. And as it turns out, Amber is kind of awful too.

Amber is a spoiled brat, and in many of the episodes, she causes some sort of trouble that Sofia needs to fix. If Cinderella really wanted to give some good advice, she’d tell Sofia to stop being a pushover and stand up to her bratty step-sister.


In one episode, Sofia becomes a bit too full of herself, and the amulet curses her so that she croaks like a frog when she speaks. (Yes, if the person wearing it doesn’t behave well, the amulet will curse them. This thing has a dark side.) When Belle is summoned, she tells Sofia that she needs to be more proactive in undoing the curse.

Her advice was actually fairly obvious, and I think Belle could have been used much better. Maybe Sofia could have encountered and become scared of some sort of monster who was actually friendly. Belle could have taught her that sometimes “Beasts” are actually beautiful inside.

(Oh great. I’m realize I’m like one step away from writing Sofia fan fiction.)

Snow White

A new sorceress appears in the kingdom, and everyone seems quite charmed by her. Everyone, that is, except Sofia. Sofia feels like something is wrong with the sorceress and doesn’t quite trust her.

Snow White arrives and tells her that distrust is good. Once upon a time, Snow White’s evil stepmother disguised herself as a seemingly innocent peddler woman. Had Snow White been less trusting, she might have avoided a lot of trouble.

Much like Cinderella before her, it feels like Snow White might be projecting some of her own issues onto Sofia here. Don’t trust anyone! And if  a stranger appears, you should automatically assume that they’re evil!

Naturally, Snow White was correct, and the sorceress turned out to be an evil fairy in disguise. Which means that Sofia is set up for a lifetime of paranoia.


Tiana (Image source)

Tiana (Image source)

Tiana teaches Sofia that the best gifts don’t always cost a lot of money. Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that come from the heart.

This was a much better lesson than the one we learned in Tiana’s movie. As far as I can tell, the moral of “The Princess and the Frog” is: It doesn’t matter how hard you work. You’re not going to succeed until you marry a rich man who can buy you what you want.


The girls are stuck down a pit, so Rapunzel appears to let them climb out using her hair. That seems pretty helpful, right?

The problem is, based on the dialogue, this appearance takes place after the movie Tangled. And yet, Rapunzel is shown with her long blonde hair. As I’m sure you all know (Mostly because anyone unfamiliar with these movies probably stopped reading a while ago), Rapunzel’s hair was cut off (and become brown) at the end of the movie.

I’m willing to look past that continuity error because Rapunzel basically tells Amber to stop being such a bitch, and it was well past time that somebody said that to her.


Sofia and Amber need to figure out how to ride a magic carpet. Jasmine – who has experience in such things – shows up to teach them.

This was so logical that I’m kind of surprised it actually happened.


Mulan was a true standout. (Image source)

Mulan was a true standout. (Image source)

The girls have been taught that they’re not as brave or capable as the boys. The boys inevitably get in trouble, and have to be rescued. Mulan shows up to tell them that women are just as capable of bravery and heroism as men.

This is both a positive message for girls and consistent with Mulan’s character from the movie. Hence, I consider her appearance to be the best.

Fans (or perhaps more appropriately, parents of fans) of the show – do you agree or disagree with these rankings? Was I too hard on Aurora?

Feel free to share your own opinion. Meanwhile, I’m going to go look in the mirror and ask myself if I really just wrote over 1200 words about Sofia the First.



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13 Responses to Disney Princess Guest Appearances on Sofia the First, Ranked

  1. HA, I love this…My daughter (8) LOVES Sofia the first…more so probably because her name is Sophia, LOL!

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Aurora is a twit.

    Perhaps the amulet is a horcrux?

  3. I have never watched Sofia the First, but my kids did once or twice when bored and mentioned the frequent princess appearances. I am often confused by shows that feature the “Disney Princess Official Line Up.” Sometimes Ariel has become a mermaid again (Did she and Eric divorce, causing her to run back to Daddy? This wouldn’t surprise me.), the Beast is again a Beast (cause he was cooler then?) and Rapunzel has her long magical blond hair back with no explanation. Does she feel compelled to wear wigs now because people hear Rapunzel and think “hair”? Do I love Disney and overthink all their stuff? Yes I do. But Sofia would probably drive me as crazy as the sequels. Omg, I don’t care how bad an original Disney movie is – the sequels. make me cry inside.

    That reminds me I should get back to my Disney reviews. I’ll eventually get to the sequels. Believe me, they make Sofia look perfectly logical. Especially the Mulan one.

    • The Cutter says:

      You’d think the Disney people would be much more consistent with their continuity. Now I’ve got to answer tough questions like , “Why is he a Beast again?” And “did Ariel get human genitalia or what’s going on there?”

    • MatsuyoRific says:

      To clear up the confusion…
      Ariel can go back and forth as long as magic is involved, so most likely it was Sofia’s amulet that made Ariel a mermaid for her appearance.
      Also, Belle never said he was still a beast. “I’ve got a tale to tell about a beast I knew” “there was just one way to break that curse in two” The lyrics in her so g imply that the curse was already broken.
      As for Rapunzel, this is a bit more obscure so I don’t blame you for being confused, but there’s going to be a Tangled TV series this year where Rapunzel gets her magic hair back. The Rapunzel who appears in Sofia has already gotten her hair back from events in her show that we just haven’t seen yet.

  4. Pingback: Wild About the Kratts | The Cutter Rambles

  5. Z says:

    You forgot about Merida & (I know he’s not a Disney Princess) Olaf.

  6. Katie Taylor says:

    Your note about The Princess and the Frog’s ending was a bit off – technically at the end of the movie, Tiana used only her own money to purchase the restaurant (Nadeen appeared to still be cut off from the royal funds when the movie ended, and it even looked like Tiana had been the one to hook /him/ up with money by giving him a job). The real flaw with the ending was that where the businessmen were going to refuse her before, because someone else had outbid her for the property, now they couldn’t because she and Nadeen had brought an alligator with them and used threats and force to /make/ them give it to Tiana XD. Which in a way is an even worse message. Didn’t get what you wanted? TAKE AN ALLIGATOR TO THE NEGOTIATIONS 😀

  7. MatsuyoRific says:

    Personally, I think you’re too hard on Amber. They could have easily made her an antagonist for the entire series, but thanks to Cinderella convincing Sofia to talk to her, we got the chance to really know her. It’s natural for kids to be nervous about new family members, especially if they’re used to being the center of attention. It teaches that first impressions aren’t always right and that we should give people second chances. And as far as Cinderella is concerned, I think they were taking her sequels into account too, where Cinderella was able to repair her relationship with Anistasia. I rather liked the call back, as in my opinion Cinderella 3 was a far better movie than the original. Back to Amber though, she’s one of my favorite characters in the show, as she has some real character growth throughout the series. She’s nowhere near as spoiled as she used to be, and has even been able to use what she’s learned to help others. Yes, she’s still a little spoiled, but that’s not entirely her fault. She’s spent her whole life being told how great she is by everyone around her, who’s jobs are to literally spoil and pamper her. Even in real life, when people are treated the way Amber is treated, they tend to turn out just as Amber did. Except that those people aren’t usually exposed to a moral compass like Sofia so early on in life. If it wasn’t for Sofia, Amber never would have thought that she might WANT to go on adventures (Princess Adventure Club) or to hang out with people like Ruby and Jade(I forget which episode, but she was excited to hang out with them when they built that float together), and she never would have been so quick to give that camp a chance (the one even James wanted nothing to do with). One of the reacuring problems with My Little Pony is that when the characters learn a lesson to better themselves (cough-cough Fluttershy), they never seem to retain that lesson with future episodes. The characters I. StF do, and Amber is one of the best examples of this. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how much Amber grows in Season 4

  8. Andi B says:

    Did you even actually watch that princess and the frog? At the end she buys the restaurant with the money she saved and then she and naveen fixed the place up with their own hands. The moral of that whole movie was that you can wish as much as you want for something but you have to work just as hard to get it. Next time you watch a movie, Disney or otherwise, try opening your eyes and actually watching it.

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