The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #3 – Can I Kick it?

Thanks to the recent discovery of a super-secret formula for ranking songs, I’ve been able to compile a definitive list of the ten greatest songs of all time.

Because I’m such a nice person, I’ve decided to share the list with you all. And because I’m kind of weird, I’m sharing them in non-sequential order.

The songs so far:

#9: Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

#8: Beer for My Horses – Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

#4: I Want You Back – Jackson 5

#3: Can I Kick it? – A Tribe Called Quest

Why the ranking is justified

The song samples Lou Reed’s classic hit “Walk on the Wild Side,” and it is a well-known fact that any song that samples “Walk on the Wild Side” is going to be good. (Even Marky Mark’s “Wildside?” ESPECIALLY Marky Mark’s “Wildside!” But especially “Can I Kick It?”)

Everything Lou Reed touches turns to gold. (Image source)

Everything Lou Reed touches turns to gold. (Image source)

“Wild Side” isn’t the only song Tribe samples. In fact, there are so many songs sampled, that I’m not sure there’s any actual original content here. Fortunately for Tribe, you don’t get points for originality. You can sample all you want as long as the end result is good.

Thankfully, the end result is very good. It’s not just a collection of samples; there are some genuinely clever lyrics to go with it.

The song may have had some lasting cultural influence as well. The lyrics reference David Dinkins, who was a candidate for mayor of New York City at the time.

Perhaps boosted by this mention, Dinkins went on to win the election. Although he wasn’t popular while in office, history regards his reign as a success.

Personal reflection of the song

A few years ago, I heard the song before playing a kickball game. I figured that hearing a song about kicking things before playing kickball was a good omen. I became convinced that I was bound for a successful evening.

Naturally, my team got slaughtered that night. It was one of the worst defeats one of my teams had ever suffered.

Needless to say, I never listened to this song before a kickball game again. Not that I’m superstitious or anything.

What do you think? Does “Can I Kick It?” deserve its lofty ranking? Or did my formula (and keep in mind, it’s infallable!) miss the mark on this one?


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4 Responses to The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #3 – Can I Kick it?

  1. Can this video possibly be any more early 90’s hip hop? I guess it deserves a spot just on defining a certain moment in time…

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