The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #5 – Revolution

Thanks to the recent discovery of a super-secret formula for ranking songs, I’ve been able to compile a definitive list of the ten greatest songs of all time.

Because I’m such a nice person, I’ve decided to share the list with you all. And because I’m kind of weird, I’m sharing them in non-sequential order.

The songs so far:

#9: Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

#8: Beer for My Horses – Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

#4: I Want You Back – Jackson 5

#3: Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest

#5: Revolution – The Beatles

Why the ranking is justified

It’s the Beatles; a band that many people consider to be the greatest of all time. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them represented in the top ten.

Why did this song make the cut above all their others? I can’t fully reveal that (super secret formula, remember), but maybe it’s because it was the Beatles’ first attempt at a political song.

It was written in recognition of protests against the Vietnam War. Considering their later day reputation, it may sound strange for the Beatles to take opposition to the protesters, as evidenced by the line, “You can count me out.”

Perhaps it was just because the band wanted to maintain a positive outlook. After all, they keep telling us, “You know it’s gonna be alright.” And that’s the type of uplifting message we could all use.

It was also the first Beatles song to be used in a television commercial (apparently against the wishes of the band members) when it was featured in an ad for Nike.

So the song is about war protesting, yet can be effectively combined with images of Michael Jordan and John McEnroe to sell shoes? That’s a pretty powerful song.

Personal reflection on the song

As a child, I saw the Nike commercial one Saturday morning, and although I didn’t know anything about the song, I still thought it was pretty cool.

Later that day, my friend came over, and although I’m not sure which one of us started to sing, it wasn’t long before we were both (badly) singing the lyrics.

Now that Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past, I wonder if today’s generation of kids will ever have a moment like that?

What do you think? Does Revolution deserve it’s spot in the top ten? Or did the formula miss the mark this time?


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9 Responses to The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #5 – Revolution

  1. Lance says:

    John is so good on this song, the guitar riff, the energy on the vocal, it’s all excellent.

  2. List of X says:

    I probably wouldn’t put Revolution into a top ten of just Beatles songs (maybe top 20), but then I’m not using the secret formula, so I might be wrong.

  3. junglefish_gj says:

    I love Beatles!

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