The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #2 – Danger Zone

Thanks to the recent discovery of a super-secret formula for ranking songs, I’ve been able to compile a definitive list of the ten greatest songs of all time.

Because I’m such a nice person, I’ve decided to share the list with you all. And because I’m kind of weird, I’m sharing them in non-sequential order.

The songs so far:

#9: Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

#8: Beer for My Horses – Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

#5: Revolution – The Beatles

#4: I Want You Back – Jackson 5

#3: Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest

#2: Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

Why the ranking is justified

If you were a movie producer in the 80’s, and you needed a rocking song for your soundtrack, there was only one man to call – Joe Esposito!

But if he was busy, then your best bet was to call up Kenny Loggins.

Top Gun - Making war seem awesome! (Image source)

Top Gun – Making war seem awesome! (Image source)

First, he had us all feeling “Alright.” Later, he had everyone kicking off their Sunday shoes. But Loggins’ greatest achievement was probably when he took us on a ride into the “Danger Zone.”

Top Gun made war seem awesome, and a big part of that was because just about everything seems cool when “Danger Zone” is playing in the background. This song probably helped convince thousands of young men to join the military in the 80’s.

Also, an 8-bit modification of the song was used in one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time: Tecmo Super Bowl. If the makers of that game thought that the song was worthy of inclusion, then there’s a good chance it is truly awesome.

Personal reflection on the song

It was July 3rd, 2009. Mrs. Cutter and I had been drinking all day. That night, we went to an outdoor showing of Top Gun*. There’s nothing quite like being a bit tipsy and watching Tom Cruise fly fighter pilots while Loggins plays in the background.

I remember singing the song most of the drive home. The poor girl who drove us home didn’t find it nearly as entertaining as I did.

Of course the joke would soon be on me. The next year, something happened that pretty much assured that I would never go drinking on July 3rd again.

*Note: Partially because of the alcohol, midway through the movie, I thought it was imperative that I walk to McDonalds. I was dismayed to discover that I missed the volleyball scene.


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8 Responses to The Ten Greatest Songs of All-Time: #2 – Danger Zone

  1. Arguably, the best scene in the entire movie. 🙂

  2. C.C. says:

    The non-sequential thing is putting my heart rate in the danger zone…..where’s #1?? It’s like the volleyball scene of your list, I’m sure 😉

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