A Belated Look Back at my Year in Blogging

So I accomplished my goal: I continued my now four-year-old tradition of publishing a new post every day in the month of December.

As you may have noticed (Or not – Absences aren’t necessarily easily noticed), once the calendar flipped to January, that posting streak ended. In the three previous years I held my 31 Days of Blogging event, I continued to post at least a couple of days into the new year.

But finding the time and motivation to post something every day of the month was much more difficult this year. (Funny how having two extra children will do that to you!) So on the afternoon of January 1st, faced with no real obligation to write a post (not that I’m ever REALLY obligated to write anything), I just kind of hit the “F*** it” button.

I couldn't find the motivation to post anything for a few days. (Image source)

I couldn’t find the motivation to post anything for a few days. (Image source)

I realized that if I didn’t want to let my blogging momentum completely fade away, I couldn’t wait too long to post something. So here I am with a look back at how things went for The Cutter Rambles in 2014!

Is January 5th too far into the new year to take a look back at 2014? I realize that year-end retrospectives are generally done in December, and most people are now looking ahead to 2015. But in a way, my approach is better because I get to include stuff from the final days of the year!

Full disclosure: I’m just rationalizing. Nothing especially exciting happened last week.

Belated as it may be, here’s a month-by-month look at how 2014 went for The Cutter Rambles:


I started out the year with a lot of momentum. I continued the 31 Days of Blogging for 11 days into the new year, thanks in part to some amazing guest posts.

Later in the month, I became really ambitious. I planned to assemble an alliance of like-minded bloggers and together, we would soar to great heights. It all sounded so good in theory.

At this point, it looked like it was going to be a huge year at The Cutter Rambles.


Cheerios was the brunt of my ire in February.

Cheerios was the brunt of my ire in February.

As January turned into February, I was faced with a dilemma: What happens when you can’t write about the most pressing subject on your mind?

I learned that Mrs. Cutter was pregnant, but it was too early to announce the news to the world. Still, I was able to come up with a fairly good “mock outrage” post.

But the highlight of the month was probably the debut of the Blogging Alliance of the Damned. For a little while, it seemed like my group would be a huge success.


My mind was all over the place this month as I dealt with the reality that I would soon have two extra mouths to feed. And what little writing motivation I had was being sapped by my duties as an editor of a Philadelphia Phillies blog. (Unfortunately, time constraints would force me to step down from that position at the end of the summer.)

My best posts this month dealt with eliminating winter weather and wondering just who exactly was following my blog.


I started a new job in April, and wanting to make a good impression, I didn’t think it was smart to spend too much time blogging on the job.


Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

This month brought about some sad news regarding one of my fellow bloggers; news that seemed to essentially kill off the Blogging Alliance of the Damned.

I also began to analyze the movie Major League from a blogger’s perspective, although I think I enjoy writing those posts more than people enjoy reading them.


I was finally able to write about my changing family situation. In perhaps my favorite post of the year, I discuss how life doesn’t always go according to plan.


It was somewhat out of character for me, and six months later, I’m not sure I still agree with the Supreme Court’s decision.


With the countdown to the twins’ birth rapidly approaching, I only managed to write one post this month. However, it was a pretty good one, as I defended the ALS ice bucket challenge from all the haters.


In my last post before my life changed, I shared a life lesson learned from The Simpsons.


I dealt with the realities of raising twins, and how babies can make you look at old movies from a brand new perspective.


Wanting to save my best ideas for December, I didn’t post anything of note this month. Unless, you’re a big fan of Too Many Cooks.


It wasn’t easy, but I managed to write something every day. Not every post was good, but there were at least a couple that turned out pretty well.

So that was 2014. Not my greatest year in terms of quantity, but there certainly was some quality sprinkled throughout. Now if only I could get that quality to appear with more quantity.

I’d like to promise big things for 2015, but I’m not sure I can deliver. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I tend to be a bit of a neglectful father when it comes to this site. Sometimes I act really dedicated…other times, I’m nowhere to be found.

But who knows? The Phillies blog is a thing of the past. Given that their season is over, my weekly commitment to preview Eagles games is also gone.

In theory, being free from obligations provides me with the freedom to do whatever I want with my free time (What little of it there is).  In reality, it probably removes whatever motivation I felt to write on a regular basis.

Which way will the year go? I guess we’ll all find out in the months ahead.


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I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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3 Responses to A Belated Look Back at my Year in Blogging

  1. Quality trumps quantity…always! Happy New year!

  2. The Phillies blog is a thing of the past. Given that their season is over,

    I read these lines as both being part of the same thought.

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