So…Can They Tell Time Now?

It’s been well established that Daylight Saving Time is nothing but a plot to make parents’ lives more difficult. However, we were hopeful that this year, it might actually work in our favor.

The problem most people have with “springing forward” is that they have to get up an hour earlier than they’re accustomed to. Parents of infants don’t really have that problem since they usually wake up not based on the time of day, but rather the needs of their children.

As of last week, the twins had been consistently been waking up around 6 AM. That was about an hour earlier than we would prefer, but we hoped that with the clock change, they would start to wake up around 7.

They don't even have a clock in their room! (Image source)

They don’t even have a clock in their room! (Image source)

Imagine our surprise on Sunday morning when we heard the sounds of their cries and saw that the clock on the cable box read 6:15. At first, we were unsure what was going on. Had the cable box’s clock not automatically updated?

No, the clock was correct, it was the babies who were wrong. Despite absolutely no change in their routine, they had decided to arbitrarily wake up an hour earlier.

Since they weren’t too upset, I left them in their crib for a while, but they never fully went back to sleep. Eventually they ended up eating right around their normal 7:30 feeding time – which should have been an hour early according to their internal clocks!

Throughout the day, they continued to confuse us. We assumed that it might be a struggle to feed them since we’d be giving them their bottles earlier than they were accustomed to. Wrong. Instead, they consistently cried to be fed before their scheduled feeding times.

At the end of the night, they were so upset and inconsolable that we had no choice but to feed them and put them to bed early. And sure enough, they were back up at 6 AM this morning.

Can anyone explain what is happening? Did someone tell them about the clock change? Are they smart enough to have figured it out on their own? Or do they just hate the thought of their parents getting any extra sleep?

At least I can say that the time shift hasn’t affected me nearly as much as most people. After all, when you’re already exhausted and sleep deprived, what’s another hour?

I just hope that they can transition just as easily in the Fall when we have to switch the clocks backwards. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be quite that lucky.


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4 Responses to So…Can They Tell Time Now?

  1. You might be the luckiest people on earth. I wonder if a growth-spurt coincided with the time change. So happy that DST didn’t completely wreck your lives! Bedtime was/is always the hardest with my kids, and you sailed right through that!

  2. The only reason we have DST in the first place is that we’re slaves to the clock. Now you’ve made me wonder if this is somehow instinctual and not just a product of our modern society….

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