A Series of Commercials in which Clorox Sums up the Parenting Experience

Every so often, I’ll see something on television which perfectly sums up the parenting experience.

Take this commercial for instance:

At first, the mother’s heart lightens as she sees her son doing housework.

I can imagine what she’s thinking: “Is this real? Is this really happening? Is my child actually doing something to make the house LESS of a disaster?”

“Maybe I have been doing something right! Maybe all those hours of yelling and time-outs have finally paid off, and this kid is going to be fine after all.”

And then she learns the truth. The look on her face is priceless:


But hey, at least the kid had good intentions, right?

While I’m on the subject, there’s another Clorox commercial I’d like to discuss.

When Mrs. Cutter and I learned we would be having twins, our preference was to have one boy and one girl. (Really, we’re not just saying that now. That is really what we wanted.)

We didn’t want two girls, because the thought of having three teenage girls in the house at one time seemed agonizing. On the other hand, having two boys brings drawbacks of its own, as this commercial perfectly illustrates:

Hopefully, if Cujo and a friend decide to hold a distance contest, they’ll do it at the friend’s house…to which Cujo will likely never be invited back.

And here’s a final warning for Mrs. Cutter: When buying pants for our son, avoid complicated belts and buttons:


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9 Responses to A Series of Commercials in which Clorox Sums up the Parenting Experience

  1. But the water in your toilet is 10 times cleaner than the inside of a dog’s mouth…. or something like that, so I heard….

    • The Cutter says:

      Funny you should say that. As a child, I once tried to put dishes away because my dog had licked them clean.

    • Well…. they are clean once the dog licks them! You would love my “Dishwasher Dog” picture I stole off the internet that became a running gag during my Millionaire story. I even used it again today…

  2. Oh. Goodness. The thing I find most horrifying in the first commercial is that there is no visible toilet paper dispenser. Are they French? Is that a bidet?

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Is it a coincidence or not that bleach can be used to clean up after crime scenes? Just asking..

  4. The Waiting says:

    I love the commercials, but whenever they come on I make sure my kid isn’t watching. I wouldn’t her to be spontaneously inspired to actually lift a finger around the house.

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