New Job, New Problems

It’s been a little over a year since I began my new job, and I’m happy to report that all is going well. I am much happier than I had been at my previous two companies, and based on feedback I’ve received, I’ve met the expectations they held for me.

But that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Even at this virtual worker’s paradise, there are still some things I would like to see improved.

So I bring to you another set of “First World Problems at the Office!”

Poor bathroom location

Sometimes, a guy’s gotta take care of business during the work day. And sometimes, that business can take some time.

The problem is, the bathrooms are located right inside the office, which means people can see you walk in and out. And if you spend a lot of time in there, some of your co-workers might take notice.

Sometimes a guy just wants to relax and play a little Scramble with Friends on the can. But it’s tough to do that knowing that you might be judged by your co-workers.

On the bright side, this is probably the nicest smelling bathroom ever. The cleaning staff uses these urinal drain covers that give off a citrus smell that is quite pleasant:

Yes, I've helpfully provided a picture of the urinal drain cover, because I'm sure that most of you were curious.

Yes, I’ve helpfully provided a picture of the urinal drain cover, because I’m sure that most of you were curious.

For those who are curious, the worst smelling bathroom ever is in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Convenient snacks

The office kitchen is equipped with a Monumental Markets food system. For those not familiar with the Monumental Markets concept, they have shelves stocked with a variety of soda, chips, candy and other items. You load your account with money, bring the food item to the automated kiosk, and scan your card.

Naturally, my snack-addicted brain sees this and is like, “Free candy!” And who in their right mind is going to pass up free candy?

It would be one thing if the candy selection sucked. But no, they’ve got like every type of candy you could want. They have both peanut and peanut butter M&Ms. And all I have to get them is to scan a card? That’s not fair!

Remember when I talked about getting fat again? The Monumental Market sure isn’t helping matters. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing at work that has contributed to my weight gain…


This company is much larger than my previous one. And as I’ve learned, the more employees the company has, the more birthdays there are to celebrate.

Birthday cake as far as the eye can see. (Image source)

Birthday cake as far as the eye can see. (Image source)

At other companies, it sometimes felt like people would rather spit on you than acknowledge your birthday. That has not been a problem here. At least once a week, it seems like there are cupcakes or cake being served to celebrate somebody’s birthday.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also celebrations for work anniversaries, baby showers (including my own!), and farewells. One time, someone even brought in donuts because it stopped raining after three days of torrential downpour!

I don’t possess enough willpower to constantly turn down these treats.

I can never leave

I feel comfortable saying that this is the best job I’ve ever had. While both of my most recent jobs had some good moments, I never got the feeling of “this is where I’m supposed to be” like I’ve gotten with this job.

I’m just worried that with things going so well, it can only go downhill from here.

Sure, I’ve had a few bad days here and there. That’s inevitable no matter where you work. But even the bad days haven’t been too bad. Heck, I might have considered the “bad” days here to be good days somewhere else.

Oh, and this is the view outside my office.

Oh, and this is the view outside my office.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find a better fit for myself in terms of both work and company culture. So unless they decide to fire me, I’m basically going to be there forever. (Note: If any of my bosses happen to come across this, please don’t use this as incentive not to give me raises. I could still use raises.)

Obviously these are all very minor complaints. With three kids and a mortgage, I have to pay the bills somehow, right? So if I’m stuck working, I might as well be stuck at a job that I love.

This post has been part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. In case you couldn’t tell, today’s letter was J, and the topic was “Job.”


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7 Responses to New Job, New Problems

  1. Thanks for the visual… though I have to admit, I’m more of a fan of those urinal mints. It gives you something fun to aim at…

  2. Simple solution for the bathroom problem……every time you exit, no matter how long you’ve been in there, announce loudly, “WELL, THAT WAS A NICE, QUICK, 20-SECOND URINATION.” People will be none the wiser.

  3. I’m at the best job I’ve ever had too though I’m glad we don’t have your benefits: birthday cakes and a snack bin. One place I was at had snacks and it was too tempting for me (and unhealthy); glad there’s no temptation where I’m at now

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    That’s great that it is working out so well! 🙂

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