Mystery Pony Theater 3000

As part of the Blogging From A-Z challenge, I was going to write something about My Little Pony for my “P” day.

But since Evil Squirrel wrote an awesome post about ponies yesterday, I figured I’d avoid being redundant, and just re-blog what he wrote.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Either way, enjoy!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

This post has the official Bronyman Cutie Mark of Approval. This post has the official Bronyman Cutie Mark of Approval.

prompt logoIt’s the funnest day of the week at The Nest…. Friday!  That means it’s time once again for one of my beloved readers to pick up a pointy stick and prompt the squirrel!  The good news is that I gained a couple more prompts over the week to get the amps up to 11… which means this series will last until at least June 19th now!  The bad news is…. there’s still a bunch of you who haven’t joined in on the fun yet!  Come on, it’s quick and painless…. submit a prompt for me via the contact form in this post, and get your day to be my inspiration!  I like a lot of the suggestions so far… and even the more challenging ones should still be a lot of fun once it comes time to put keyboard…

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