Mobility and Sibling Rivalry

We are starting to realize how lucky we were with the Cutlet. While she was a difficult baby in many ways, she was also low maintenance in terms of her mobility. If you placed her somewhere, she’d generally be content staying put.

While we baby-proofed our condo, it really wasn’t a necessity. The Cutlet didn’t try to open cabinets or climb into the toilet. I think the worst she ever did was empty an entire box of tissues all over the floor. (Although if I recall correctly, those were quality tissues.)

Never forget

Never forget

When we moved into our current house, we never bothered to baby-proof aside from a few token cabinet locks and outlet covers. We are making up for that now.

There’s a stereotype that male babies are more active and more likely to be mobile and get into things. We’re quickly learning just why that stereotype exists.

Cujo has learned to crawl, and he is taking full advantage of his new-found mobility. If you place him on the floor in a certain spot, it is unlikely that he will still be in that spot a few seconds later. If there is some place you don’t want him to go, that’s where he will try to go. If there is something you don’t want him to have, he will make every effort to get at it. (Daddy’s phone is of special interest.)

This mobility has made life more difficult for his parents, especially when he’s supposed to be drinking his bottle. He will only sit still for so long before he flips himself onto his stomach and starts motoring away. The other night, when he was supposed to be drinking his bottle, he was instead entertaining himself by pulling on the spring of the door jamb and being delighted with the sound it made.

As a result, changes have been made in the Cutter house. Our home was once a place of freedom, with its residents able to travel where they wished. Now, certain restrictions have been put into place. Where once there was free passage, now there are baby gates.

You shall not pass

You shall not pass

The twins’ playroom has been gated off, and there is also a gate at the top of the stairs. I’m becoming quite adept at opening the gates with one hand while carrying a baby in the other arm. We were slightly concerned about the Cutlet’s ability to open the gates, but she hasn’t had a problem either.

We do need to stress to her the need to close the gates once they’ve been opened. Theoretically, she will start to remember without being reminded. Theoretically, she’ll also remember to always flush the toilet after using it.

Meanwhile, the Cutlass hasn’t quite mastered the art of crawling, as she’s just as likely to move away from her intended destination. This is causing her a great deal of frustration as she wants to be able to move and grab things the way her brother does. She also doesn’t much like it that her brother is able to come over and grab for toys that she’s already playing with.

Yes, they’ve already begun to fight with each other. I’ve witnessed Cujo crawl over to his sister, pull the pacifier out of her mouth and stick it in his own. The Cutlass is not completely innocent either. I’ve watched her yank a toy away from Cujo and then push him over.

It’s not a good sign that I already have to tell them to stop fighting with each other. I’ve even had to separate them a couple of times when it seemed like they were really annoying each other.

I get it. If I had to spend just about every moment of the day with another person, I’d probably want some time to myself too. Sure enough, after they were separated, both of them became noticeably happier.

Don’t worry, I have a feeling that they’ll soon realize it’s more beneficial for them to work with each other. Especially when they unite against a common enemy: Their parents.


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3 Responses to Mobility and Sibling Rivalry

  1. They’re womb-mates from way back. They’ve probably got some in-utero issues they’re trying to get worked out.

    I liked the days when my kids were stationary. My mom always said “This newborn phase seems like a lot of work, but one day it will look easy by comparison.” I hate it when my mom is right.

  2. It’s definitely a wombmate thing more than a sibling thing. When I had two cats from the same litter, those two fought with each other constantly… then went off to lick each other’s wounds afterwards. Never had unrelated cats act like those two did…

    So are you calling your place the gated community yet?

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