Milk: My New Enemy

Remember the days when I used to save 50% at the supermarket? Those days are over. Nowadays, when I head to the local Safeway, I feel ecstatic if I can get above 40%. Heck, I’m lucky if I even surpass 30%.

What changed? Mostly the fact that my household has doubled in size, and when buying food for six people, needs rarely line up with sales.

The au pair isn’t much of a problem. She has learned that when she asks for bacon flavored Ritz crackers, that pretty much means that she’ll get bacon flavored Ritz crackers the next time they go on sale and/or I have a coupon. The twins are less understanding.

“Sorry, kids. You don’t get to eat today. Maybe Gerber will have a coupon in the newspaper next week.”

Baby food may not go on sale all that often, but at least that’s relatively cheap. The real problem is milk.

They’ve recently transitioned from formula (which was extremely pricey in its own right) to whole milk. The problem is that milk is expensive and rarely goes on sale. Do the twins seem to care? No. They just drink the stuff down with no concern to how much it costs.

The enemy (Image source

The enemy (Image source”)

Actually, I’m kidding. Half the time, they end up refusing to finish their bottles, and I end up dumping it down the drain!

That wasting of milk is horrifying when you pretty much have to buy two gallons of the stuff each week. And some weeks, even that isn’t enough! (Yay twins!)

Did I mention that I have to buy organic milk? If they don’t drink the organic stuff, supposedly they’ll hit puberty at age eight or something. Do you think that organic milk is more expensive than the regular kind? You bet it is!

Organic milk was thankfully on sale this week. Saving a single dollar when a gallon can cost over seven, doesn’t do much to help the savings percentage, but I’m thankful for whatever limited savings I can get.

On the bright side, Bacon flavored Ritz were totally on sale yesterday. So at least the au pair will be happy.


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6 Responses to Milk: My New Enemy

  1. Lol….I can’t even imagine. I shop for myself and my dog and I still find that expensive!!

  2. Squinty says:

    I am sure the household gets hydrox instead of oreos.

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