Vegas Blog – Part One: Squinty’s Wedding

Mrs. Cutter and I don’t get away much these days. With three small children , even a simple night out for dinner can seem like an impossible task. So it may surprise you that we just returned from a three-day trip to Las Vegas.

What prompted the trip? Five years ago, with all of his friends reproducing and becoming less social, Squinty decided to leave the East coast and move to Las Vegas. Upon arrival, he engaged in one of his favorite romantic activities: Dating a co-worker.

It’s probably good they both didn’t remain employed at that company, because their relationship was able to last. It lasted so long that he even obtained an engagement ring (The ring wasn’t even from a mall!), and asked her to marry him.

Since this was his first wedding, Mrs. Cutter and I figured we’d have to make an effort to witness it. Actually, we kept telling him that he could call off the wedding if he really wanted to, but we had a flight and babysitting, so we were going to Vegas either way.

Plane drinks!!!

Plane drinks!!!

Grampy and Grammy Cutter were foolish nice enough to watch the kids while we were gone, allowing us to have an actual vacation as a couple. We were so overjoyed to have freedom that we didn’t even get into our customary fight about going to the airport.

Not having to worry about children also allowed us to partake in the ultimate in airborne pleasures: Plane drinks! Mrs. Cutter was reluctant at first, but after I pointed out that we left our responsibilities at home, she decided to have a refreshment of her own. Apparently, one drink at high altitude causes Mrs. Cutter to find Geico commercials hilarious.

The wedding was on a Wednesday, which confused most people. Those people underestimate just how much of a nerd Squinty is. Fans of the Back to the Future movies will recognize October 21, 2015 as the day that Marty and Doc Brown travel to in Back to  the Future Part 2.

Squinty's shoes for the wedding

Squinty’s shoes for the wedding

While he did wear a pair of BTTF2-inspired sneakers (sadly without auto-laces), I was disappointed he didn’t fully commit to the theme and wear a Marty McFly style vest. Mrs. Squinty decided to go with a traditional wedding dress rather than anything from the movie. (At least she didn’t make us look at etchings during the wedding.)

We’d be staying at the Cosmopolitan, which is one of the newer hotel/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. I had never been there before, and I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be one of my favorites. Why? Because the Cosmo smelled bad.

It reminded me of when I was three years old and my family visited Disney World. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort, and while I swore that the lobby of that hotel had an odd odor, nobody else seemed to notice. (I have seen online message board posts discussing an odd smell, so I know I’m not the only one.)

The smell of the Cosmo was similar. It was fragrant and reminded me of walking through the perfume department of a department store. For someone as sensitive to scents as I am, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend much time in the casino or lobby, and our guest room smelled fine. Even better, the room came complete with a balcony; something I didn’t think actually existed in Las Vegas.

After we settled in, it was soon time to head to the wedding. Where did the nuptials take place? In one of the Strip’s newest attractions: The High Roller.

My guess is that someone tried to come up with a new attraction for the Strip. Eventually, they realized that there wasn’t a giant Ferris wheel yet, and the High Roller was born.

The High Roller is exactly that: A giant Ferris wheel that can fit about forty people in one of its pods and takes 30 minutes to make a complete circuit.

The happy couple – along with a select few family and friends – shuffled onto the pod. As we made our ascent into the sky, they exchanged their vows. Once the “I dos” were complete, we celebrated and enjoyed the view as Huey Lewis and the News played in the background. (It’s not like they weren’t going to go with “The Power of Love” on Back to the Future day!)

After the pod returned us to the ground, we headed over to Bally’s for a steak dinner. The steak was delicious but by the time dinner was served, it was 11 PM Eastern time and Mrs. Cutter and I were dealing with serious jet lag. Not wanting to pass out at the table, we excused ourselves and headed back to our room.

Would we be able to acclimate ourselves to West Coast time and sleep past four in the morning? Would I finally experience gambling success after years of awful luck? Would I try an activity for the first time? Would Squinty’s marriage last more than a day? For the answers to these questions, you’ll have to read part two.

If anyone has been to the Cosmo, or has another smelly destination stories, please share it in the comments!


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3 Responses to Vegas Blog – Part One: Squinty’s Wedding

  1. I’m quite jealous of your vacation. And the wedding actually sounds pretty fun!

  2. Squinty says:

    No mention of the post wedding / pre-dinner cupcakes?

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