The Ad Pundit: Subway – The Steal

Even though The Ad Pundit is no more, I still occasionally like to analyze television commercials. For those unfamiliar with The Ad Pundit, I used to review commercials from a more literal-than-intended perspective.

Today, I’ll be looking at this recent ad from Subway:

We see a man about to sit down to enjoy a Subway “foot long.” (As we now know, “foot long” is not a literal term.) He seems happy about this – BUT WAIT!


Some other man, presumably a friend or roommate runs by and grabs the sandwich away from him.


What the heck? I’ve lived with a variety of roommates over the years, and while some of them might have taken some of my food from the pantry, I don’t think any actually grabbed food that was sitting right in front of me. (Actually, I know they didn’t. Because I didn’t have to murder any of them.)

Does the guy get upset or angry? No. He calmly grabs his spare sandwich and begins to eat that instead.


Happy ending, right?

NO! What kind of crazy world does this commercial take place in? If my roommate ran and grabbed my sandwich, I’m not going to calmly eat my spare sandwich. Instead, I’m going to chase him down and make him feel pain.


You don’t triumphantly hold up my sandwich. YOU DIE!!!

I can’t blame Subway too much for having a less than impressive commercial. After all, they’re probably searching very hard for ideas these days after their spokesperson made himself into a complete embarrassment. (But enough about Robert Griffin III, am I right?)

Speaking of Jared, he helped establish that AIDS was allowed to be funny. But is it okay to make Jared jokes? Let’s see what Twitter has to say:



Looks like the internet has spoken. It is indeed okay to make Jared jokes!

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7 Responses to The Ad Pundit: Subway – The Steal

  1. List of X says:

    I think the idea behind this ad is, “Subway sandwiches: not good enough to get upset about when someone steals it from you.”

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Totally…you steal my food at your own risk. I might chop off your hand.

  3. Holly says:

    Oh no, that last tweet made me snortle Diet Coke at my desk. Jared Jokes for the Win!

  4. Subway didn’t do much for Ryan Howard’s career either…

    The only thing that would piss me off more than someone stealing food right out of my hands would be someone telling me I can’t make a joke about something. I don’t even believe in those post-death moratoriums on humor…

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