Awesome Stuff: Yeezer

A couple of months ago, I saw that a new mash-up album had hit the internet. For those unfamiliar with the concept, mash-ups are when someone takes two seemingly dissimilar musical artists and mixes their music together.

There are quite a few mash-ups floating around on the internet, but this one caught my attention, as it mixed Kanye West and Weezer. The combination was cleverly named Yeezer.

While I can’t stand some of his stuff (the album where he tried to sing was awful), for the most part I consider myself a fan of Kanye’s music. And I’ve long considered Weezer to be the “Arby’s of the music world” in that you forget just how good they are until you try them again. Since I like both musical acts, I figured there was a decent chance I would enjoy hearing them mixed together.

Less singing, more "teaming" with Weezer, please! (Image source)

Less singing, more “teaming” with Weezer, please! (Image source)

I was correct. Yeezer is awesome. Mash-up quality can often be very hit-or-miss. Sometimes, in order to fit the new backing music, lyrical tracks have to be sped up or slowed down to the point of distraction. For the most part, Yeezer doesn’t have this problem and the two sounds are blended well.

Since everyone was enjoying the music, it was naturally taken down. Even though it wasn’t being sold for money, apparently some people in the music industry don’t like it when their songs are being used and they aren’t profiting from it. Weezer wasn’t responsible for the take down as they publicly endorsed it. I don’t believe that Kanye ever spoke on the subject, but knowing him, he probably didn’t like it.

Of course nothing is ever truly removed from the internet, so you can still find the songs. Since I’m such a nice person, I’ll even share a couple of the tracks with you:

What do you think: Is Yeezer awesome? Are you a fan of mash-ups in general, and are there any that you particularly enjoy?


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3 Responses to Awesome Stuff: Yeezer

  1. The Hook says:

    Thanks to the years I’ve spent watching “The Glee” with my daughter, I kinda like mash-ups

  2. Wow….that was better than I thought it would be.

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