Awesomely Obscure Songs: Tres Delinquentes

Throughout the month, I am featuring songs which I have always liked, but for whatever reason, never became big hits. Some of them are by famous artists, some are from lesser-known musical acts.

Tres Delinquentes – Delinquent Habits

My first exposure to the rap group Delinquent Habits came via the soundtrack to the movie Bulletproof. The album contained a rock remix of the song Tres Delinquentes, which I enjoyed immensely.

A couple of years later, I was at a record store, and saw DH’s album “Here Come the Horns” in the bargain bin for $1. Since I liked one of their songs, I figured that a dollar was a reasonable price to pay to determine if I might like other of their songs. That was a dollar well spent.

I became a huge fan of the group, and I went about buying two more of their albums: Merry Go Round and their self-titled debut album. The debut album contained the original version of Tres Delinquentes, and while it is rather different stylistically than the Bulletproof version, I liked it just the same.

The video got some play on MTV, but it never truly became a hit. Why did the song – and by extension, the group – never achieve greater fame? Perhaps with the emergence of Cypress Hill – one of whose members, Sen Dog guest stars on this album – there just wasn’t enough room for two Latino rap groups to gain mainstream acceptance.

Upon researching the song, I discovered that Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier has used the song as his walk-up music, so the group has at least one famous fan out there.


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3 Responses to Awesomely Obscure Songs: Tres Delinquentes

  1. Well, I listened to the song all the way through without hitting stop and moving along. That’s a pretty high compliment from me…

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