A Blogger’s Analysis of the 1989 Cleveland Indians as Depicted in Major League – Part Nine

In honor the 25th (Um..26th. I’ve been taking my sweet time on this) anniversary of the movie Major League, I am attempting to chronicle the events of the movie from the perspective of a sports blogger.

For past installments: Part One – Part Two – Part Three – Part Four – Part Five – Part Six – Part Seven – Part Eight

Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight?

162 games simply weren’t enough. With the Indians and Yankees both recording 92 wins, they will need to play one more game to decide who wins the American League East.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Indians being tied with the Yankees is the teams’ head-to-head records; The Indians went 3-10 against the Yankees this season. (This means that if they had found a way to merely go 4-9 against them, they’d be the AL East champs right now.)

Clu Haywood (Image source)

Clu Haywood (Image source)

Of course, this might all just be an elaborate setup. In case you haven’t noticed, Cleveland hasn’t been the most successful sports city lately. If the teams aren’t finishing in last place, then they’re usually just setting up the fans for a devastating loss. In the past three years alone, we’ve had to endure both “The Drive” and “The Shot.” Are the Yankees going to be the next team to crush the spirits of the city’s fans?

If so, which Yankee is poised to fill the Michael Jordan/John Elway role tonight? Based on the success he’s had against the Indians, I’d say Clu Haywood is a prime candidate. Haywood – who won the Triple Crown this season – is the presumptive American League MVP, and he really should send the Indians a thank you note. Of his 48 home runs, eight came against Indians pitching.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to assume the worst; after all, little about this season has made sense. When the season began, it was difficult to envision the Indians even finishing the season with a winning record. For them to actually finish at the top of the division seems beyond comprehension. Perhaps in that context, it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see the Indians come out on top.

What the hey, I think I’m starting to believe! Eddie Harris is going to pitch the game of his life! Willie Hayes will score three runs! Pedro Cerrano will hit one – no, two! – out of the park! And then we’ll get to celebrate all night long! It will be the greatest moment in Indians history!

Crap, I’m going to be really disappointed tomorrow, aren’t I?



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