Ad Pundit: Jake from State Farm

So I’ve hit a little bit of a blogging lull. After posting something in 33 out of 35 days, I’ve now gone over two weeks without writing anything. I needed some sort of spark to get me going again, so I figured why not review a TV commercial? Those are always fun, right?

Most of you are probably familiar with State Farm’s “Jake” commercial, but just to refresh your memory, here it is:

We’re supposed to think that this guy is either talking to a mistress or he’s on a sex line of some sort.

This leads me to my first question: Are sex phone lines still a thing? I remember back in the ’90s you’d see commercials for these things (“Talk to sexy singles in your area!”) all the time, but I haven’t noticed them as much recently. Did the internet essentially put an end to these?

Once I stopped pondering that, my next thought was, “Why is this guy even calling insurance companies at 3 AM?” I figure that the guy might just have a bit of insomnia and was looking for a way to pass the time. He may have realized that finding a new auto insurance provider was on his “to do” list, and he figured that since State Farm was open, 3 AM was as good a time as any to tackle that task.

The guy’s wife comes downstairs and jumps to the obvious conclusion. The husband tries to defend himself by explaining that he’s talking to Jake from State Farm, but the wife is skeptical. Oddly, he first said he was talking to “Jake” as if his wife would instantly know who he was talking about. “Ohhhhh, you’re talking to Jake! From State Farm!”

Honestly, she has every right to be skeptical. Her husband is awake at 3 AM and talking very excitedly on the phone. Has anybody in the history of mankind ever been that excited about discussing their car insurance? I had to switch carriers last year, and I can assure you that my excitement level was far below this guy’s.


In the end, the guy is probably going to have to end the call and deal with a bunch of questions from his wife. He won’t get a discount on car insurance, but he will get an earful of nagging.

Good job, State Farm. Sure, you may be providing a convenience for drivers who need help, but did you ever consider that your late hours might lead to marital strife?

Rating: 2 stars – This commercial is basically saying, “You can call us at 3 AM, but it’s probably going to make your wife think you’re having an affair.” That’s not exactly the best way to attract new business.


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3 Responses to Ad Pundit: Jake from State Farm

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    hahaha …love your questions about this ad. It’s actually one of the only ones I can stand to watch. It’s funny every time. Poor guy’s going to have some explaining to do, for real! 🙂

  2. My (ahem) expertly researched expose on the 900 number craze of the 90’s revealed that pay per call 900 numbers became extinct in 2012, although there still seem to be ads for sex lines airing very late at night. I guess the same people who would call their insurance company at 3 AM also need to hear the real voice of a woman to get sufficiently aroused…

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