Do you hear a loud squeaking sound? I apologize, as it’s probably just me walking. The good news is that the squeaking isn’t coming from my body, but rather my shoes.

You might think there is an easy solution to this issue: Buy new shoes. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. I typically buy new shoes in December, but the problem with buying new shoes at the end of the year is that often as soon as I get the shoes, I have to stop wearing them.

(In case you were wondering, the reason I get my shoes in December is because we visit my in-laws for Christmas, and they live near a Skechers outlet.)

Salt: destructor of shoes (Image source)

Salt: destructor of shoes (Image source)

Winter weather, and particularly snow, is generally not kind to new shoes. Walking through slush and puddles is bad enough, but when you add in all of the salt on the ground, shoes can take quite a beating. I’ve made the mistake of wearing new shoes after a heavy snowfall, and they end up looking worn out by March.

I had only gotten a couple of weeks out of my new Skechers when Snowzilla hit. Thanks to warm temperatures and rain this week, most of the snow will likely be gone soon. But until everything is clear, I’ve had to stow away the shoes.

Unfortunately, since I am not a hobbit, I still need to wear something on my feet. I’ve considered following the Cutlet’s lead and wearing sandals. She explained that since she wears them to the pool, they must be waterproof, and will therefore keep her feet dry.

While she makes a convincing argument, I’m still not ready to place 100% in the logical thinking of a five year old. Instead, I’ve taken to wearing my sneakers. The problem with this is that those sneakers are well past their prime.

I’ve had this pair of “Air Cutters” for over two years, and they’re definitely showing their age. The sole on the right shoe is coming apart, and the left is adorned with a stain which I think was yogurt at one time. And as I previously discussed, they squeak when I walk.

The Air Cutters have seen better days

Hopefully we’re not due for any more snow storms this year, and I’ll soon be able to use my new shoes. Until that time, I’ve just resigned myself to not being able to sneak up on anyone.


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3 Responses to Squeak!

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Squeaky shoes…Ugh! I’ve had some like that and it drove me crazy! I sure hope the snow has stopped for this year and warmer days are ahead! 🙂

  2. For me, it’s my orthotics that squeak in my shoes. My fancy, custom made, $400 orthotics that relieve my plantar fasciitis also announce me everywhere I go.

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