Super Bowl Retro Ad Pundit: Doritos – Middle Seat

The week leading up to the Super Bowl used to be a big week for The Ad Pundit. I would look back at Super Bowl ads from years past and give them an Ad Pundit-style review.

Here are a couple of highlights (One even features M.C. Hammer!):

Lays – Fence

IBM – Spelling

For old time’s sake – and because I wanted to write something Super Bowl related, and this was the best idea I came up with – I figured I’d take a trip down memory lane and review a Super Bowl commercial from yesteryear.

In recent years, Doritos has given us a few solid SB commercials. Here’s one from 2015:

Just about anyone who has flown on Southwest or any airline without assigned seating has encountered this dilemma: The plane is filling up, and the man would very much like to have the seat beside him remain empty.

I’m impressed with how many different ways this guy has found to keep people away. His entire carry-on bag must be filled with ways to repel people from sitting next to him.

He has a recorder? Really?

He has a recorder? Really?

Unfortunately, his efforts are probably for naught. Based on the number of people looking for a seat, there’s a good chance this is a full flight. So no matter how annoying he is, it is likely that someone is going to just suck it up and sit next to him.

He might have come to the same conclusion, because when he sees a comely woman approaching down the aisle, he decides to pick his spot and entice her with a bag of Doritos. Unfortunately, he soon learns that said comely woman isn’t flying solo, and he’ll have to sit next to a small child for the duration of the flight.

I completely understand his annoyance. I don’t want to sit next to my own children on a flight, let alone have to deal with someone else’s.

This reminds me of the time when the Cutlet was a baby and I had to take her on a plane without Mrs. Cutter. In her stead, Mrs. Cutter sent her mother along with us. Theoretically, it would be quite useful to have someone else to help out on the plane. But that’s not what actually happened.

When we took our seats, we did what most people do in that situation: I took the window seat with the Cutlet on my lap, while Grandma sat in the aisle. We (correctly) figured that the middle seat next to a baby was likely to be the last choice of most potential passengers. Unfortunately, it was a full flight, so somebody was going to be joining us eventually.

When another passenger inevitably asked to sit down, I was amazed when my mother-in-law didn’t slide into the middle, but rather let the stranger sit between us. She informed me that “she doesn’t do middle seats.” So there was now another human being in between myself and the person supposedly there to help me.

In case you were wondering, yes, this was an excuse just to go on a mini-rant about my mother-in-law!

Anyway, the commercial…

It’s too bad this guy wasn’t on the same flight as me. I hate Doritos, so if I saw someone eating a bag of them, I’d probably avoid the heck out of that seat. But really, that would be his loss, since in general, I’m pretty low maintenance as a passenger. (Except, of course, when I have a baby in my lap.)

Here’s what I want to know: How the heck is the mother sleeping? You’d have to be borderline narcoleptic to fall asleep in the middle seat of an airplane with a toddler on your lap. That woman would have been jarred awake in seconds by the kid pulling her hair or trying to jam his fingers up her nose.

It’s also a splendid job of parenting to fall asleep and let the stranger in the seat next feed your child snacks. Way to be concerned with your child’s safety, Mom.

No, it's totally cool to just give food to a random small child.

No, it’s totally cool to just give food to a random small child.

Rating – 2 TVs – The unrealistic and bad parenting makes me cringe, but it’s also a sad reminder that I may never again enjoy a peaceful flight.


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9 Responses to Super Bowl Retro Ad Pundit: Doritos – Middle Seat

  1. List of X says:

    Hey, you’re a parent, you know that if someone gives you a chance to sleep by keeping the child fed and entertained, you take it.

  2. I’ve ranted long enough about how Super Bowl commercials jumped the shark when the advertising became just as much of an event as the game itself. But I’ll give it a rest since I’ll be asleep during most of the game anyway. Last year I woke up around the end of the fourth quarter and for all intents and purposes didn’t miss a thing…

  3. The Hook says:

    Ridiculously-clever post, my friend.

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