Daddy Wasn’t Meant to be a Gymnast

Writing this post has been a painful experience. I mean that literally; I had a sharp pain in my back while I was writing it.

The “good” news is that this isn’t like the back issues I’ve had in the past. Usually if I have back pain, it’s in the left trapezius muscle. I’ve had recurring problems in that area since 2010, and a few years ago, I aggravated it so badly that I could barely function for a couple of days.

This recent pain was in my right lower back, and as far as I can recall, I’ve never experienced pain in that area before. Hooray for new experiences!

What’s the cause of this latest injury? I’m not entirely sure, but I have a few ideas:

I found time to go to the gym on Tuesday, and I did a few sets of deadlifts. Deadlifts are part of my weekly workout routine, so it wasn’t like this was my first time with a new exercise. But the exercise is notorious for causing back injuries if not done properly.

I also spend a lot of time picking up and carrying two small – but growing – children. Cujo greatly enjoys being lifted in the air, and at times, the best way to get him to quiet down is by repeatedly lifting him over my head.

I’ve also been performing a decent number of forward rolls and other flips lately. Perhaps “decent number” is an exaggeration, but considering I am used to doing none, and that a man of my age isn’t really expected to do any, I’d say two or three a day qualifies as a decent number.

She's like a pretty little Kerri Strug! (Image source)

She’s like a pretty little Kerri Strug! (Image source)

As for why I would be doing such things: The Cutlet has recently started gymnastics class, and has become quite enthusiastic about it. She is CONSTANTLY doing rolls and flips, and often times she wants her parents to join in the fun.

Doing a simple forward roll doesn’t seem like it should be that tough; As a child, it seemed like a near-effortless maneuver. But as an adult, it takes some doing to tumble over your head. I now understand why some people want to have children while they’re young. As you get older, keeping up with the little tykes can be debilitating!

We’ll see if the Cutlet has a future in gymnastics. She certainly has the eating habits to be successful, but she may not have enough fearlessness to truly excel. While she likes doing her forward rolls, she is scared to try backwards rolls or flips over a bar. Then again, she used to be scared of swimming, and now, it’s tough to keep her out of the pool. Maybe she’ll get braver as she gains experience.

As for me, fortunately, just as quickly as it started hurting, my back seems to be back to normal. Maybe I’m ready to try some more forward rolls this weekend! Maybe I’ll even try some backwards rolls just to show the Cutlet how it’s done!

I think I better get the ibuprofen and heating pad ready.


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4 Responses to Daddy Wasn’t Meant to be a Gymnast

  1. Physical therapy was very helpful when I first had lower back pain. I hope you find a good solution, whatever it is.

  2. Cyn K says:

    Hope the ibuprofen kicks in quickly.

  3. All of my sisters were into gymnastics and later cheerleading. It did not look pretty when I tried to show off my nimble moves in front of them….

    It took me only a year of slinging dog food bags five nights a week to finally throw out my lower back. Spines don’t like us picking stuff up too much for some reason…

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