Hello Fresh, Goodbye Diet?

Once again, I am on a diet.

This may sound familiar since I pretty much go on a diet a couple of times every year. I’ll get to a point where I decide that I’ve gotten too heavy or started to look a bit doughy, and I attempt to adhere to the Weight Watchers system for a few weeks to get myself back to a better place. (Are these periodic diets a sign that I have some sort of mild eating disorder? It seems increasingly possible.)

I chose to diet now since we’re right in the middle of the period that I often refer to as the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. For those of you too lazy to click on the link and read a post from seven(!) years ago, the LDTTOTS refers to the period between the Super Bowl and March Madness when the weather is cold and the sports calendar hits a lull. As a result, weekends – and Sunday afternoons especially – tend to suck. I figured that since I’d be unhappy anyway, I might as well double up on the misery.

I tried to get Mrs. Cutter to join in, and before you get all horrified that I suggested that my wife diet, I actually had a couple of good reasons: Misery loves company, and it’s a lot easier to diet if your spouse is doing it with you. To her credit, she tried to join me in this endeavor, but soon stopped, because as she told me, “I look good.” While she’s correct, it’s still frustrating, as she’s now much more likely to lead me into temptation.

For example, in an attempt to add some variety into our dinners, she ordered meals from Hello Fresh – a food subscription service in which you pick out a few meals from their menu, and they ship you the ingredients to prepare and cook.

For some families, this would be useful. It provides some tasty recipies and walks you through how to make them. For people who want to try new foods and have a lot of time in which to prepare them, I would strongly recommend trying it. For families with small children who don’t have a lot of time or energy to spend making dinner – STAY AWAY!

hellofresh-logoPreparing even a simple dinner can be difficult when you’ve got three children in the house, especially when two of them are often very demanding of their parents’ time. Trying to put together a meal that requires several steps is near impossible, especially when the lengthy preparation times mean that dinner isn’t served until close to 7 PM.

By the time these meals are ready, I’m usually starving. Most of these meals have relatively high points values, so if I know we’re having them for dinner, I try to conserve my points throughout the rest of the day. Once the food makes it to the table, I’m usually so hungry that I can barely even appreciate what I’m eating.

I also have to deal with the inevitable leftovers. Mrs. Cutter is not a fan of leftovers, and I’m not a fan of wasting food, so I usually end up eating another helping of the meals the following day. If I wasn’t on a diet, I’d be okay with this, but it’s not very helpful when you’re trying to lose weight.

Note: I really can’t complain TOO much about these meals, as due to a mix-up with customer service, we ended up getting them for free. Sure, it sucks being fat, but at least I’ll be fat and RICH!

The good news is that despite Mrs. Cutter’s efforts, the diet is going well. I’ve already lost six pounds, and in another couple of weeks, I might be back to prompting everyone to touch my abs! Then I can go back to my merry M&M eating ways for a few months until the next time I decide that I need to lose some weight.


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5 Responses to Hello Fresh, Goodbye Diet?

  1. I am also on Weight Watchers and love it. I get my husband involved without actually having him follow the plan by helping to cook more at night. He is a writer and is home regularly so he usually does the cooking. Now this helps him out more. Best of luck!!

    Curvy Girl Story

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I wondered what that program was like. The meals looked yum but it sounded pretty labor intensive.

  3. I haven’t seen my abs since I was in junior high. I kinda don’t miss them…

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