The Trump Campaign: The Simpsons Already Did It

As impossible as it once seemed, Donald Trump looks poised to capture the Republican nomination for the office of President. And while many people dismiss his chances in the general election, I don’t think the possibility of victory can be ruled out. After all, most people didn’t expect him to get even this far.

Our next president? (Image source)

Our next president? (Image source)

His campaign seems to be mostly based on macho bluster and crazy promises all under the general umbrella of “Make America Great Again!” He’s promised us all sorts of fun things like lower taxes, stopping the terrorist Muslims, and building a wall across the Mexican border. His plans to actually implement these plans without bankrupting the American government remain vague, but hey, details are for others to worry about, right?

This campaign strategy felt oddly familiar, and it took me some time to figure out why. Then I realized that like most things in American culture, The Simpsons already did it.

Many people have already called attention to the fact that the Simpsons predicted a Trump presidency (Which ended up putting the country into massive debt). But in a different episode, they essentially predicted Trump’s entire campaign strategy and how effective it could be.

In the episode “Trash of the Titans,” Homer gets into an argument with Springfield’s Sanitation Commissioner Ray Patterson. Out of spite, he decides to run for the office of Commissioner himself.

His campaign doesn’t go well until he comes up with a brilliant strategy: Make crazy, unrealistic promises that prey upon the stupidity and laziness of the voters. He promises the that the garbage men will handle any unpleasant task that people don’t want to do. Whenever Patterson questions how reasonable this is (or how sane Homer is), Homer counters with snappy one-liners and insults.

It’s sad that this clip doesn’t seem all that far off from what we’ve actually seen in some of the Republican debates this year. Trump has actually managed to top Homer by appealing not only to the laziness and stupidity of the American people, but also to the racial biases that many of us hold.

As I re-watch that clip, something doesn’t sit quite right. Homer has never been the smartest guy in the world, and all of a sudden he’s able to come up with zingers on the spot? Is somebody feeding him his lines? Is Homer merely the front man for the real power behind the throne? #Illuminati

Naturally, Homer is unable to meet all of these promises, and the town ends up getting flooded in garbage. But don’t worry, after President Trump ruins things, he can just copy the Simpsons’ strategy again: Just pick up the entire country and move it to Canada. Problem solved!


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4 Responses to The Trump Campaign: The Simpsons Already Did It

  1. List of X says:

    I think you underestimate Homer Simpson. After all, he has been in space, military, held elected office, ran all sorts of businesses, and achieved success (if usually limited to 22 minutes) in many other areas. #Homer2016!

  2. cherperz says:

    That Simpson’s clip is actually pretty “spot on”. Homer is better looking than Trump but they seem to have the same speech writer. I’m with you…given a choice I’d vote for Homer. Sure, Homer is being stupid but, for the most part, he’s only being offensive to Patterson. Bet Homer knows that some things need not to be said out loud.

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