Elves, Giraffes, and Cheetahs: Writing Samples from a Kindergarten Student

As hard as it to believe, the Cutlet only has a couple of months of kindergarten left. Her transition from preschool to public school has gone mostly well, with only a few hiccups along the way.

The transition has probably been harder on Mrs. Cutter and me, mostly because we’ve lost the constant feedback that we used to receive from preschool. Back then, we would go into her classroom to pick her up, and as a result, we could meet with her teachers, see her interacting with the other children, and talk to other parents. Now, we rely on sporadic reports from teachers and the unreliable commentary that the Cutlet provides.

Every so often the Cutlet is sent home with some of the artwork and writing projects she’s been working on. Because they’re so adorable, I’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

The Cutlet’s spelling isn’t always spot on (although pretty darned good for a kindergarten student), so I’ve provided a translation as well as a brief commentary.

For her first piece, my guess is that they were supposed to draw and write about their favorite animal:


My favorite animal is a cheetah.  Fun facts: Cheetahs have long tails for balance.

Her favorite animal seems to change every day, so she probably wrote this the day after she watched a cheetah-themed episode of Wild Kratts. I give her props for the inclusion of a “fun fact.” I’m guessing that most of you didn’t know that about a Cheetah’s tail. See, you learned something today!

Next, she tells us about something that happened last summer:


I went to my cousins’ house and had a sleepover until my birthday. I had strawberry cake for my birthday.

We spent the week before her birthday at the beach – which she calls her “cousins’ house at the beach.” I’m not sure what’s lying on the table; I assume it’s a doll, but it also might be her brother or sister.

For her next piece, we’re back to talking about animals, and she asks a very important question:


Why don’t female giraffes have their babies with a male giraffe?

Um, I think they do. And although she has drawn herself riding on the back of a giraffe, I’m fairly certain that never actually happened.

She deserves credit for making her animals recognizable. Sometimes kids draw animals, and you’re stuck thinking, “Crap, what the heck is this?” But much like the cheetah above, those are clearly giraffes. (Although in all honesty, the one she’s riding on looks more like a llama.)

For the final piece, the Cutlet has switched gears and writes what I believe is a fictional story:


It was night and I was in bed when suddenly, I heard a familiar voice. It was Miley the elf. I played with her all night, and my mom played too.

The Cutlet told us that this was actually a true story, and that’s kind of messed up. If Mrs. Cutter was going to play with an elf all night, she should have woken me up so I could have joined in the fun.  I’d get it if the elves couldn’t be seen by adults or something, but if Mrs. Cutter could play with her, then why couldn’t I?

I feel so left out.

This post has been part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. In case you couldn’t tell, today’s letter was K and the topic was “Kindergarten”


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12 Responses to Elves, Giraffes, and Cheetahs: Writing Samples from a Kindergarten Student

  1. The Hook says:

    They’re the best.

  2. I loved it! Great post. Visiting from atoz

  3. djmatticus says:

    Obviously, Mrs. Cutter isn’t an adult…

  4. rarasaur says:

    Mrs Cutter probably has a magical amulet. Obviously…

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    Aww. Maybe you’ll get to play next time. Cutlet is a writer in the making…an artist, too.

  6. Before you commented on it, I too noticed how well drawn the aminals were (Misspelling intentional, I watched too much Popeye as a kid). Hell, she probably draws more recognizable critters than I do…

  7. She spells so much better than some adults I know!

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