Awesomely Obscure Songs: Ridin’ Low

Every so often, I discuss songs which I have always liked, but for whatever reason, never became big hits. Some of them are by famous artists, some are from lesser-known musical acts.

Ridin’ Low – L.A.D.

With previous Awesomely Obscure Songs, I’ve provided a little history about the song, but this one was tough. There’s not too much information about the song or the group L.A.D. on the internet.

I did learn that the song actually reached #1 on the New Zealand music charts. You’d think there would be more information about it, but apparently, the Kiwis don’t write too much about their popular music.

I don’t recall how the song even came to my attention. I seem to remember first hearing it on a CD owned by one of my college roommates. I don’t believe it was an official L.A.D. CD, but rather some sort of compilation. Years later, I remembered liking the song and downloaded the MP3. (Kazaa FTW!) For some reason, the MP3 incorrectly attributed the song to late 90’s Mexican-American rap group Lighter Shade of Brown. It’s a shame they didn’t sing the song, because I was able to find a little bit of information about them. (At least they have a Wikipedia page!)

Regardless, it’s a catchy little feel good tune about cruising around in a car with a girl. It’s the kind of song that makes me wish I still had a convertible.

What do you think? Should Ridin’ Low have been a hit or does it deserve its obscure status?

This post has been part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. In case you couldn’t tell, today’s letter was R and the topic was “Ridin’ Low”


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One Response to Awesomely Obscure Songs: Ridin’ Low

  1. If they took out the singing/rapping and reduced it to just the music, I’d really like that song. If you told me that was a #1 hit in only one country, I’d go through almost the entire UN before I’d get to New Zealand as a guess…

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