It seems that I’ve fallen ill. My throat is sore, my glands are swollen, and I’ve developed an inability to speak in anything besides a whisper or a quiet, coarse mumble. I was hoping that I was immune to throat-based sicknesses, but this is proof that I am still susceptible.

A little over ten years ago, I chose to have my tonsils removed. It really wasn’t a difficult decision. I was experiencing increasingly frequent bouts of tonsillitis, which not only left me feeling sick much of the time, but it was also affecting my sleep. My swollen throat caused me to snore, which was a poor combination with a fiance who has an irrational hatred of the sound of snoring.

I consulted an ear-nose-throat specialist who pretty much cringed when he looked down my throat. In my experience, it isn’t a good sign when a doctor cringes, but he said that the problem could be rectified with a simple tonsillectomy.

I agreed, and for the low cost of a $100 insurance co-pay, I was tonsil-free a few weeks later. The worst part of the procedure may have been the immediate aftermath.  As I sat in the recovery area, the surgeon described the operation to Mrs. Cutter. When he likened the process to cutting through wood, Mrs. Cutter began to feel faint, and nearly passed out. Naturally, all the nurses turned their attention to her, while I was left dazed and nauseous. I also threw up because my body doesn’t deal well with anesthesia.

Once healed, I was hoping to be the picture of perfect health. I thought the absence of tonsils might make me near invincible. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. Too many sleepless nights and too much exposure to small children has prevented that from happening. But at least until now I’ve managed to avoid strep throat and other tonsil related illnesses.

I’m no longer hoping I can avoid getting sick. Now, I’m just hoping that my voice comes back.

This post has been part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. In case you couldn’t tell, today’s letter was U and the topic was “Unhealthy.”


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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2 Responses to Unhealthy

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Squinty says:

    The worst part was missing my selection Sunday party. Do you know how many subs I had left?

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