The Office Soda Machine – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Perhaps some of the decision makers at my company read my blog, because there have been some changes to the office’s soda machine selection since my original post. If they do read my blog – and there are several reasons why I hope they don’t – then it seems that they made these changes to spite me, because they took away two of the choices that I had approved of.


In recent weeks, a couple of my co-workers had pressed the button for Diet Dr Pepper, but received full calorie Dr Pepper instead. (NOTE: I humbly apologize for incorrectly including a period after the Dr in my original post. This was a careless mistake, and I can assure you it will not happen again.) This was an unpleasant surprise for employees who hoped for a low-calorie alternative while still enjoying that delicious Dr Pepper taste.

Apparently, it was an error in labeling and not in the loading process. Regular Dr Pepper is now the new reality in the office, and the machine has been updated to reflect the change. I’m not sure where that leaves the Diet Dr Pepper enthusiasts. I guess they’re SOL.

If that wasn’t enough, another one of the low-calorie options has been replaced by its full-calorie counterpart. Sprite Zero is out, and regular Sprite is in. Perhaps they decided that two diet and caffeine free options was excessive. That’s understandable, but why replace SZ instead of the abomination known as Caffeine Free Diet Coke?

Since I know everyone is following this saga closely, I’ll be sure to provide more updates if further changes are made.


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4 Responses to The Office Soda Machine – IMPORTANT UPDATE

  1. I would assume the machine is stocked by a Coke vendor who’s only willing to allow one product from each of its major competitors in its machine at a time… thus only one Dr Pepper product. If the Diet Dr Pepper fanatics are anywhere near as crazy as the regular Dr Pepper fanatics here, expect the break room to be burned down one day….

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m still waiting for a beer machine.

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